Just as a side note, one of the reasons the Darwath series is great is that it has a historian from our universe as one of the main characters, stuck in a fantasy universe, solving one of the bigger plot points by doing research; digging through archives, taking copious amounts of notes, and eventually coming to a conclusion from all the data she’s collected…

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I was skimming the posts and momentarily wondered when Peter Davison started writing Star Trek books!


My top shelf is The Doctor Who shelf, then the lowest shelf has all the books that won’t fit up there. I am getting a new bookshelf on Tuesday though, so Science, The TARDIS inside out, and Whotopia should be properly slotted in then


So here are mine…and all my NAs, MAs and Targets are in boxes in the garage awaiting shelving.


I guess you could say you’re a bit of a fan of Doctor Who, aren’t you?


Oh wow the Evil novelisation is really a long ‘un! Makes me more interested to check it out!

This is my setup! I like having the centerpiece, the Wilderness Years novels, in publication order (although I fiddled around with it for So Vile a Sin). This is particularly because I’m reading them in that order; later I may play around with different arrangements! The short story anthologies & other curiosities I have are also in publication order. Novelisations and more recent novels are in the order the stories happened from the Doctor’s perspective!

(I do now disagree with my prior placement of The Novel of the Film & the Scream of the Shalka novelisation among the original novels rather than the novelisations, but it’s still the way the bookshelf looks nicest as it makes the second shelf end alongside the end of Virgin’s Doctor Who license)


And this is just shelves of books…

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I forgot these books in another cupboard. I should move them over.


My (very eclectic) Who shelf.

It’s across the room from my Star Trek bookcase and I like to imagine they glare at each other when I’m out of the room.


I had no idea Erimem had her own book series :slightly_smiling_face: Any good?

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I don’t know! Haven’t even cracked one of them yet (got them before I even got to her in the Main Range!)

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Fair enough :+1: I listened to Eye of the Scorpion yesterday so I got curious :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fun!! Also I had no idea Players was one of the anniversary re-releases lol

This is the order I have my book collection in:

  • VNAs
  • VMAs
  • BBC 8DAs
  • BBC PDAs
  • BBC NSAs
  • Target Novelisations

And if you’re looking for good shelving units, I swear by the IKEA Gnedby.


Can you share a picture :heart_eyes:


It’s gotten rather large now and I’m running out of shelf space. I should probably buy a new one.


Not the greatest pictures as they were took a few weeks ago.

The IKEA Gnedby units work great for books, DVDs and CDs, so they’re my most common shelving unit.

I also have a wider shelving unit behind the door to my room - also IKEA - which is exclusively books. Not sure on the name of that one though.


Hey, look on the plus side.

At least you didn’t run out of space long ago, to the point you resorted to drilling whole shelving units to a walk-in-wardrobe door (see the first picture on my previous reply - the three on their own).


In response to Shayleen’s original question, about how one organizes their collection… Mine have been reorganized many, many times over the years. In the old days, when everything was basically the same dimensions, I would kind of rotate between alphabetical, the order in the Doctor’s personal timeline, and publication order. At the moment, they’re arranged first by dimensions, then by “group”, then publication order. So, the TV novelizations first, NAs, MAs, EDA, PDAs, other books that size, then there are sections for bigger sizes, NSAs, Torchwood, SJA novelizations, Telos novellas, etc., and bigger and bigger through prestige-line hardbacks, and up to things like the Peter Haining books, and on up to harder sizes like The Legend or The Vault.

As I’m still accumulating, the last maybe 25 or so are piled up outside that organization, as it takes an effort to move things around to add them in. I don’t have nearly enough bookshelves, and my house isn’t conducive to adding more, so it has become challenging to find room for them all.