How does everyone organise their books? I still need to get a proper bookshelf, but at present I have my books piled in a less conventional but more satisfying for me chronological order, for the paperback sized books at least. I find satisfaction in being able to slot the prose fiction amongst the novelisations.


Nice little collection there. All my books are digital so I don’t have them displayed. Since COVID I’ve got rid of most of my physical books and moved over to digital.


These are actually just the ones I have read, minus a couple VNA’s and EDA’s I have read but not reached as I am now reading through the series in order. Once I’ve read a book its being added to this collection!

I have tried but I just can’t do digital books. Much prefer physocal ones, plus I consider it a break from looking at my screen.

I just put them in the order I read them/am planning on reading them

I had limited space at the time of my culling. Now I have more space but I’ve grown accustomed to my Kindle. If I win the lottery I may go on a book buying spree and fill some shelves.

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Like this
I don’t have the room for physical these days and I prefer to read on my phone (I have an e-reader that syncs between pc and mobile)


I also read digitally.

The only book collection I’ve had was the entire works of Terry Pratchett - I was a huge fan and had all his books. Then I moved house and sold most of them - the rest are in boxes in my garage.

Since then I’m 99% ebook, only getting the odd physical book when that’s the only way I can get it. I’d like more physical books but don’t have the space right now.


I still have a full shelf of Pratchett. Got all of the ones I bought when I was a teen. He is my favourite author.

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I’ve tried ebooks and I have read a few but real books win every time. My shelves are heaving!


I’ve got ebooks of the VNAs and some other Who books, but most other books I get actual proper paper ones of, I just like being able to whip out my kindle and read wherever i go usually

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My arms are weird and its a pain to hold up a book for some reason so phone is ideal for me

We own a lot of books, and we used to only read physical ones. Then I got a Kindle, fell in love with its simplicity, and began reading e-books almost exclusively. My wife finally converted once she realised how much money we save on subscribing to book services and buying e-books rather than buying physical books (she is a fast reader and reads any book in like 2 days, so she usually reads 100–200 books a year!). So now we have loads of books sitting on our shelves and in storage while we do our reading on our Kindle and our phones, unless it’s a book we cannot get hold of digitally.


I only really buy books as ebooks these days, but I bought a bunch of physical ones historically that are still around, either in boxes, in the closet, or floating around. A hardcover of Terry Pratchett’s “Going Postal” tends to end up getting read occasionally, or Christopher Stasheff’s “A Company of Stars”.

(For that matter, I really should reread my physical copies of some of Craig Shaw Gardner’s books sometimes, like “Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies”…)


I not so much have a Doctor Who bookshelf as a mess of a Doctor Who cupboard:

And just a bit on the shelf:

And an e-book reader as well of course :blush:


I see that lonely VNA lying there on its own on the lower shelf. It’s either so good or so bad that it requires a space of its own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You spotted my space where I keep the next book to be read :grin: Quite looking forward to it the way it was set up in “No Future” actually :+1:

I have a handful of ebooks but much prefer physical. My Big Finish is all digital though. I also don’t collect Doctor Who novels, I’ve got some reference stuff (About Time and aHistory) and have slowly been The Collection Blu-rays, but I have an excellent library system so do nearly all my reading through them.


No Who books on it but here’s my downstairs/living room bookshelf/knickknack shelf


I don’t have any Doctor Who books, but I do have quite a Star Trek collection, shown here with my illiterate flatmate:


Definitely read a few of those!

Peter David’s pretty good at writing Star Trek books, and I’ve read a fair bit of Barbara Hambly. On the fantasy side of things, I think her Darwath trilogy is pretty good… (Okay, she’s written more than three books in that universe, but…)

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