BigFinish Companions in Other TV Shows

I have a confession to make, dear reader.

I’m something of an insufferable geek.

The kind of person who - whenever someone from BigFinish appears in a random programme - will point out said performer and start waffling about all their audio adventures.

So I wanted to know if anyone here has spotted any BigFinish companions in TV shows?

I think the most obvious example is India Fisher (Charley Pollard) being the narrator for all UK based series of Masterchef.

Lisa Greenwood (Flip Jackson) has appeared in several episodes of EastEnders over the years as a nurse.

She also recently appeared in an episode of BBC’s Doctors - this was actually her first role since recovering from long-covid too, interestingly enough.

Another Sixth Doctor companion now, Miranda Raison (Mrs. Constance Clarke) played the sidekick character in Series 2 of Vexed.

Essentially, the programme was a detective comedy that featured Toby Stephens as the moronic main character.

Please let me know if you’ve got any other examples like this, because I think this could be a really strange form of bingo - spotting BigFinish companions on TV! :joy:


Lucie Miller’s actress, Sheridan Smith, plays Rudi in Gavin and Stacey!


A bunch of BF companions have been in Inside No. 9 - Sheridan Smith and Hattie Morahan come to mind at once. And of course Nicola Walker is in everything.

And there’s an episode of Poirot which I may have watched in a compulsive fit of madness one day just because Karen Gledhill is a minor character in it


Omg that was Sheridan Smith?!

Watched Inside No.9 about a year ago now, listened to Lucie Miller’s stories a few weeks ago. I love her and she’s so pretty in that Inside No.9 episode :heart:


Okay, this is cheating slightly, but bear with me :wink:

My wife and I are huge fans of Downton Abbey. We watched the second film, A New Era, when it premiered a couple of years ago, and I remember spending a decent chunk of the film wondering why one of the supporting characters, Mr. Stubbins, looked so familiar. Then it dawned on me that Alex Macqueen, also referred to as the Master, portrayed Mr. Stubbins. That made me very excited!

It’s not strictly a TV show, but still.

My problem is that I am usually terrible at remembering names, and I don’t know what most of the BF voice actors look like. So while I might recognise Miranda Raison as a BF voice, I wouldn’t recognise her if I saw her in a show or a movie until I saw her name in the credits. So, I’ve probably seen loads of BF actors in various shows without realising it :joy:

(Alex Macqueen has shown up in a lot of TV shows, none of which I have seen.)


Nicola Walker was very good in Unforgotten. Plus, Midsommar Murders often has a wealth of guest stars.


Nicola Walker in Spooks. Great part in a great series.

Sheridan Smith in Two Pints of Lager. Silly, forgettable sitcom from my younger years.