Big Finish Short Trips Appreciation Thread

I am currently working my way through the large number of Big Finish Short Trips audios which I have bought over the years. Although I have listened to some of them , probably when I was binging a particular Doctor, most of them are new to me.

On the whole I am hugely enjoying the experience. The shorter format encourages writers to concentrate on the details rather than sprawling threats with galaxy sized exposition. Sure, some of them are meh, but some are absolute gems. So far my average rating for Short Trips seems to be a shade higher than that for full releases.

I felt compelled to start this thread after listening to what is effectively a two part story The Siege of Big Ben ( The Siege of Big Ben · Short Trips · TARDIS Guide ) and Flight into Hull ( Flight Into Hull! · Short Trips · TARDIS Guide ) narrated by the incomparable Camille Coduri. I honestly laughed out loud during the second of these, which is a rarity for me.

Other recent highlights include Gardens of the Dead ( Gardens of the Dead · Short Trips · TARDIS Guide ) which is a great exploration of Doctor Who from Turlough’s point of view, and The World Beyond the Trees ( The World Beyond The Trees · Short Trips · TARDIS Guide ), a surprisingly poignant story with Nicola Walker’s Liv Chenka. I still have lots more to go, and I am really looking forward to it!

What are some of your favourite Short Trips stories?


The Geoffrey Beevers-penned I Am The Master is a particular favorite of mine.

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A Full Life is a lovely, heart-breaking story for Adric.

Dark Convoy and Washington Burns are good.

Flywheel Revolution is a different take on the format.

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I recommend AWOL, it’s a Third Doctor story set right after Doctor Who and the Silurians. I almost cried.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Somewhat irritatingly, Big Finish also have a recent release named Sullivan and Cross - AWOL, so the short trip story is hard to find :grimacing:

I also really loved The World Beyond the Trees! Other favorites of mine are Death-Dealer, Chain Reaction, Critical Mass, A Star Is Born, A Full Life, A Heart on Both Sides, Intuition, Doctors and Dragons, The Meaning of Red, and The Lichyrwick Abomination.

(The first four of these are from the early Short Trips volumes and weren’t released separately. Those volumes are a mixed bag, but for me at least, volumes 2 and 4 would be worth it for just Critical Mass and A Star Is Born respectively.)

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I listened to Battle Scars and Her Own Bootstraps yesterday. Both feature the 9th Doctor. I enjoyed both, the former for how well it deals with trauma and guilt and the latter for the way it deals with paradoxes. Nick Briggs and Jacob Dudman are both great narrators, and Dudman’s voice for Nine is wonderful.


I listened to I Am The Master a few days ago and it was a complete delight. Clearly Beevers really gets The Master.


Try telling that to the folks who voted him out of the elimination game :angry:



Hey, I’ve never heard the Master in any Big Finish audios, so any of my votes were all based on their TV appearances, if any.

And by the end, you have to downvote Masters you love…

(I still felt bad about Jacobi, even only having seen him in Utopia, since he was so good there…)


Now that I’ve finished writing my review of ‘Solitary Confinement’, I decided I wanted to take a break before delving into the latest War Master release.

That’s why I bought two Short Trips by my favourite writer.

Was wondering if you have any Short Trip reccomendations for me? - can include stories from the Rarities sub-range.


ERASURE! At least, if you’ve listened to Gallifrey, Erasure is theeeee greatest Short Trip ever. And even if you haven’t it probably stands alone enough because it’s basically a Fourth Doctor story. But it’s brilliant. I’ll have to have a think about others I’ve listened to, otherwise.

Oh actually, A Heart on Both Sides is brilliant too, if devastating.

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Just a heads-up, we already have a thread for this: Big Finish Short Trips Appreciation Thread

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A Full Life is maybe my favourite—also by Jo Lidster, too! I also love Rise and Fall, Lepidoptery for Beginners and the Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius. They all do something different and interesting with the format.

I also adore the Big Finish Short Trips books that are no longer in print—they’re chock full of wonderful stories. I’ve so many favourites from that range, and although the books are hard to find, they’re well worth it!

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Ah apologies, I didn’t realise there was already a thread for this.

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No problem. It’s bound to happen from time to time.

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(I did this myself once - and I’d started the original thread… :no_mouth:)


Onto the second of the Meta-Crisis Duology.

Jackie Tyler is such a mood! Please, BigFinish, more Short Trips with her. It’s so funny.


I think adding Jackie Tyler to any story makes it 100% better.

Let’s get her and the War Master together, it would be the perfect story :laughing: