Big Finish: Missy

Over the weekend I finished Missy Series 3. I’ve now listened to 11 episodes and can’t wait for Series 4.

So this is just really a breakdown of my general thoughts. I just wanted to put it out there and see if it sparked any discussion.

Series 1
A Spoonful of Mayhem.
Good introduction to Missy in this medium. Plot was solid and the incidental audio work was great.

Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated.
Plot was ok but Rufus Hound was great as the Monk. Really elivated the story.

The Broken Clock.
Plot was different but excellent. Highly recommended if you want something weird from DW.

The Belly of the Beast.
Story was solid but predicatable. Overall though it didn’t really feel like a finale.

Series 2
The Lumiat.
Really fun story. Hope we get more Lumiat in the future/TV show.

Brimstone and Terror.
Plot was OK. Not much to say really. Overall forgettable.

Treason and Plot.
OK plot but the Time Agency stuff was great.

Too Many Masters.
Great plot and great acting. Rufus Hound again steals the show. Great finale.

Series 3.
Body and Soulless.
Plot was great and again Rufus Hound steals the show.

War Seed.
Plot was OK. Loved the idea and think it could make a great story arc for a War/9th/10th Doctor boxset. Hope this gets brought up again.

Two Monks, One Mistress
Great plot where again Rufus Hound steals the show as the Monk.

As I was writing this I relised that for the most part Missy seems to be a chaotic ball of energy in nothing stories while other characters are having the big story of their lives. Missy cares not for your trivial lives and will play her own games as long as it amuses her.

Also I love Rufus Hound. I think a Monk series could work if he had a certain Nun with him.

DMs always open.


I love Hound’s Monk. I really enjoyed the first two sets, but didn’t find the third as fun. I still think Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated is one of the best, and funniest Who stories out there.


The third series was definitely more serious and not as “fun” as the first two, but I think Rufus added a lot of levity.

At some point I wouldn’t mind going back and reviewing these properly.

I am going to edit this to a more generic Missy thread.