BBV: Whoniverse-adjacent TV content

This is the strangest thing I’ve added to the site so far…

It’s the BBV Range of movies, TV episodes, and minisodes / webcasts.

A Whoniverse-adjacent series, these were not officially licensed by the BBC but featured monsters, characters, and actors from Doctor Who.

These are not that well documented, and have been added rather hastily (as I’d rather spend time on actual Who content), but a big thanks to @ineffyble who put together a spreadsheet for me.

Ideally I’ll get better images soon - screen caps rather than the DVD covers. Probably best to view with list view enabled, as it’s really ugly otherwise.

What do you think of these? Have you watched them? Discuss below, and go ahead and rate & review them on the site!


I haven’t… but I want to watch the P.R.O.B.E. ones, because they star Liz Shaw, and I need more Liz Shaw.

The first one even seems to have Sylvester McCoy in it… (And Colin Baker. And Jon Pertwee. And Sophie Aldred…)


yay PROBE!!! is PROBE good? no. but also yes. And Louise Jameson is in them too!


Yes I have a list of which actors are in which ones, and soon there will be a new Actor filter on the Guide.

(But adding every actor to every other existing story may take a while…!)


I do kinda want to watch some of these

Also finally, we’ve got Zygon on here! lmao


Honestly, I’d watch anything with that casting…


And that is exactly why I watched PROBE :rofl:


This might be the lowest rated story I’ve yet seen on this site… :laughing:


I just checked, and of the stories that have at least 5 votes, yes that is the lowest rating :sweat_smile:

I kinda want to see it now, just because of that… it’s the K9 effect!


Yay a new bad show!!! :k9:


I haven’t watched them, but…

That one is the one after Caroline John died, cast a new actress as an older Liz Shaw, retired her, and introduced new characters to continue the series with…


In that trailer, I just love Sylvester McCoy saying “Trust me… I’m a Doctor.”. :tardis:


What, you haven’t added the novelizations? :wink:

I know I’ve seen The Stranger videos, and I had The Airzone Solution on VHS. They were trying to be Doctor Who-ish with no budget whatsoever, and I’m sure I enjoyed them well enough. Of course, we were all in withdrawal and prepared to satisfy our fix any way we could, but I think of them nostalgically.


Beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m very interested in the BBV audios since the range with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred playing The Doctor and Ace (but actually not the Doctor and Ace) has a story by my favourite writer - Robert Shearman - in it, under the pseudonym Jeremy Leadbetter, called Punchline.

It’s one of the only (adjacently) DW stories of his I haven’t experienced and it sounds fantastic so I’m very intrigued by it.


Oh BBV how I loved thee.

(And how I now know that maybe the business practices of those behind the company were a little suspect…)

As a fan who solidified their fandom in the Wilderness Years, BBV’s video output was an important part of Doctor Who for me. None of that Who-adjacent nonsense @shauny - these were legitimate Doctor Who as far as I was concerned. Some of the Stranger stuff was rather good and the PROBE stuff was excellent.

The Auton trilogy is great.

But I never ever want to see Zygon again!


And the audios are even better! The Zygon audios are really good and there are some other gems in there - the first three Professor and Ace audios are really well done.


That all said - the less said about the PROBE case files which are a rather odd selection of ‘dramatic’ readings mainly by Bill Baggs, the better… I think my BBV love stops with Zygon…

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I was surprised to see the PROBE case files are rather recent.

They don’t look very good quality…

tbh I wouldn’t buy any of these, BBV & Baggs are quite controversial if certain allegations are true. I won’t go into it here, google will provide it for you.

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