Average Score

Hi All,

I’d be interested to know other user’s average tardis.guide score (as found in personal stats section). I have a feeling I might be a harsher marker than other users! :face_with_peeking_eye:

3.23 / 5.00


3.47 but i’ve only rated/completed 48 stories.

this is my scoring chart I made.

5.0 Perfect/Fav
4.5 Excellent/Fav
4.0 Very Good
3.5 Good
3.0 Fine
2.5 Meh
2.0 Bad
1.0 Very Bad


Average score: 3.49
Completed: 717
Rated: 697
Favourites: 12


Average: 3.47
Total rated: 1528 (:sweat_smile:)
Favourites: 58

I very often rate things arounf the three mark, 3/5 for me is like I enjoyed it and it was fine. I very much rate based on enjoyment rather than how ‘good’ I think the episode, even though that probably factors in because I’m more likely to enjoy ones I feel are ‘good’


Average score: 3,53 :star:
Highest rated Doctor: 3rd :4,02 :star:
Highest rated series: Season 7: 4,50 :star:


3-3.5-4 is where i usually rate. For me it is mostly down to enjoyment.


Average: 3.56
Total rated: 642
Favorites: 61
Highest rated Doctor: 10. Avg: 4.21
Highest rated series: Series 5 Avg 4.31


My rating is something like

0.5 disgusting, unwatchable dreck (I have almost never given anything this rating)
1 painfully bad, hard to sit through
1.5 awful
2 legitimately bad, or at least seriously lacking
2.5 lacking but redeemable
3 pretty standard, fine enough but not standout
3.5 a good, quality episode, the standard most normal episodes should strive for
4 above average
4.5 getting close to perfect
5 all-time favorite

It gets kind of muddy closer to the bottom of the scale, I suppose because I don’t often dislike stuff that harshly so I don’t have to think about the intricacies.
Current average rating is 3.37 but it’s probably a little thrown off because I haven’t rated a lot of NuWho episodes yet, I’ve been waiting til I get a chance to rewatch. I’ve pretty much only rated the ones I’ve seen recently plus my absolute favorites.


Completed: 1457
Favorites: 97
Rated: 509
Average Rating: 3.85/5

I tend to have a lot 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 rated stories. I can supply a further breakdown here in a few minutes.


0.5: 6
1.0 / 1.5: less than 6 each (can’t zoom in enough on the app on my phone to see)
2.0: 8
2.5: 33
3.0: 48
3.5: 104
4.0: 124
4.5: 107
5.0: 73


Completed/Rated: 905
Average: 3.41

For me, a 3.0 is a perfectly average story, then it goes up and down from there.

My highest rated Doctor on TV will always and forever be the Eighth Doctor because the TV movie is a Perfect Film. I’d give it 6/5 if I could.


Correct!!! Doctor Who (1996) supremacy forever!!


Average: 3.43 / 5.00
Total completed: 353
Total rated: 223

1 star: 21 (Couldn’t keep my attention/didn’t bother completing/boring!)
2 star: 23 (Not too terrible, but I probably wouldn’t engage with it again. There was probably a scene or two I enjoyed that bumped it from one star to two.)
3 star: 63 (Fine/good)
4 star: 63 (Great!)
5 star: 51 (Highly enjoyable. This ticked all my boxes.)

I only use whole numbers for ratings.


My average across 446 stories is 3.12
I dont think three is harsh, if 2.5 is the middle. Three to me reads as the story is enjoyable but it doesn’t stand out.


Mine is a nice round 3.00/5.00. A story has to amaze me or bore me to end up at the extreme ends of the scale. 3 means it was a good, enjoyable story. That said, I rated a lot of short stories and novels as 2.5/3 because I can’t actually remember much about them!

I’ve rated 514 tv stories, 1,029 audios, and 586 books!



I find it interesting that you all are setting 3/5 as fine or average. 3.5/5 is basically my default, with a story moving up or down from there based on how strong/positive/negative my impression of it was


My average rating is 3.45 / 5.00

I’ve rated 498 tv stories, 312 audios, and 14 books.

I have so many stats I want to add to that section, just been busy doing other things first :smiley:


Average score: 4.04/5

Stories completed: 705

Stories rated: 227

Favorites: 117

Average score is definitely skewed because I haven’t rated a lot, because if I don’t have a strong opinion on a story and if I haven’t seen/read/listened to it in a while then I feel like it would be unfair to rate them. And I’m slowly trying to rewatch classic who so I’m rating stories as I rewatch. It’s also just generally harder for me to rate a story I don’t like versus a story I do like, it’s just easier for me to come up with what I see as the difference between 4 stars and 5 stars than the difference between 1 star and 2 stars.

I usually consider 3.5/5 to be my baseline for a solid story that may not be super special but was still overall enjoyable. Above that is good (4.0), great (4.5), or amazing (5.0), below that is okay (3.0), “eh” (2.5), bad or really bad (2.0-1.0) or awful (0.5).


Its great seeing all of these averages.

So far I have rated 363 tv stories, 283 audios, and 32 books. Much like @delegatearcturus I am only rating things that I have seen recently enough, or that I had a previously noted score for. I am currently up to the end of series 6 on my current watch through and reviewing all the spin offs and ephemera as I go along too.

Its good to see that there is one person who is harsher than me in @deltaandthebannermen - so I am not the strictest judge!! :laughing:

I have 68 favourited stories.

0.5: 7
1.0: 15
1.5: 31
2.0: 39
2.5: 84
3.0: 90
3.5: 173
4.0: 102
4.5: 55
5.0: 24


There’s certain stories that I think are not very good and yet absolutely adore, the main examples being the 1996 movie and The Time Monster. Not sure how to rate those. Currently I just give them an honest rating + a favorite.