Audio Club: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor

It’s time to listen to and discuss The Spectre of Lanyon Moor:

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Once you’ve listened, talk about it below! Even if you listened to it before and just want to discuss it - dive right in! Just please use spoiler tags where appropriate.

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I start to understand why a lot of you like the Sixth Doctor. The combination of him and Evelyn is perfect and it is always fun with stories with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

I think the story is a fun small-town mystery that works as an audio. They have the right amount of characters and it is easy to understand who is who. I like it when the conclusion is more talk and not that much action, which also delivers on this.

Overall a good story but nothing remarkable. 8/10


This is one of my favourite audios from BF’s early days. It’s a very ‘traditional’ Doctor Who story but that’s no bad thing. Evelyn gets into her stride as a companion and the ‘monster’ is a good riff on folklore.

I think I’m definitely going to give this one a re-listen.


This was one was a bit average for me. I liked all the Cornish folklore, but I found the side cast and villains pretty forgettable. I did love the scene where Evelyn chastises the Doctor for getting uppity with Professor Morgan, and forces him to empathise and apologise to Morgan. That was a lovely surprise, as I’m so used to the Doctor just getting to flout his intelligence and be rude without consequence.

The Brigadier was a fun addition, and I liked how he got to save the day at the end. But he did feel a bit of a random inclusion. Not that I minded as much. More Nicholas Courtney is always a pleasure.

I also got caught off guard by the violence in this one. I’ve gotten so used to modern day Big Finish that returning to their earlier days is always a bit of a shock to the system. Mrs Moynihan‘s death at the hands of her own dogs felt especially cruel. I sure hope those dogs are okay.


To the surprise of no one I agree with @deltaandthebannermen :grin:

This is a brilliant story. It’s got everything, the Sixth Doctor is fantastic (and with his proper coat, none of this mellowed blue coat for me :wink:), Evelyn is delightful and actually uses her academic background and the story is built on folklore and superstitions.
And the Brigadier! Nicholas Courtney is Doctor Who royalty in my book. He picks up the role just as easily on audio as he did onscreen. I kept rewinding the meeting between him and the Sixth Doctor, he just takes it in his stride, totally unfazed by regeneration at this point.

It may not be the most original narrative but it includes all the elements of Doctor Who that I just find delightful :blush:

4,5/5 :star:


I always have a good time with this one as a comfort listen. It’s going to be nice spending my last two days of commute to this job listening to ol’ Sixie, the lovely Dr Smythe, and the Brigadier running around Cornish moors and fighting imps and goblins that are not all they appear to be.


Aaah yes, the ninth Main Range audio, remembered for bringing back the Brigadier!

This is s great one. The Cornish setting is idyllic and I like how the plot revolves around local folklore, giving the story an eerie feel somewhat akin to The Daemons. Sure, the plot isn’t the most original, and the characters are pretty basic, but the performances help them stand out.

Colin Baker is wonderful as a mellower Sixie, but Maggie Stables steals the show as Evelyn. This is her second story, and she is already a well-rounded character, who fares very well on her own and isn’t afraid to tell the Doctor off for being harsh to other people. And Nicholas Courtney is as lovely here as back when he previously played the characters in the late 80s.

The alien in Part 4 is fairly effective thanks to the great performance.

This is an 8/10 for me.






I love this one and have always loved this one. Six, Evelyn, AND the return of The Brig? In a Cornish, 20th century setting? Yeah, this one’s great. Six + UNIT vibes is always gonna be a winner from me. I’ll listen tonight and walk the dog and return with some more relevant thoughts, but I think this is gonna be a high scorer. I even love the name.


Is this such a good one for walking the dog to? :wink: Remember what happened to poor Mrs Moynihan.


Yeah this is just peak cozy Who. Very much a story you just listen to whilst you curl up with the cat and your hot beverage of choice (or on the last days of commuting to a job you tolerate but don’t love as I have discovered)


So I finally listened to this today. Time, life, other things I wanted to do, trying to finish a different audiobook first, all got in the way. This is one of my favorite Doctor Who stories full stop. Yes it’s a traditional story that sees the Doctor battling psychic alien pixies in Cornwall. That could be, on paper at least, a rather generic story. However it is heavily elevated by having the Sixth Doctor, Evelyn and the Brigadier, as well as an excellent guest cast. According to The Inside Story (thanks to Doc Oho Reviews for the reference), this story, along with The Holy Terror and The Stones of Venice, were originally offered to Tom Baker to entice him into Big Finish. He of course turned them down (probably for the better), and thus this has, to me at least, the feel of a Hinchcliffe era story: sleepy English village, mysterious malevolent alien force, archaeologists, mad aristocrat with ideas of world domination, even the Brig feels like a Hinchcliffe era addition (as with Terror of the Zygons). And all thrown together, with an excellent TARDIS Team and superb guest cast, it’s brilliant. A near perfect piece of Doctor Who.

Colin shows us a softer side of his Doctor here. He never would’ve apologized to anyone in the TV run. But he also doesn’t lose that loud, arrogant bluster that his incarnation is known for. Evelyn really is brilliant. It’s a shame that Maggie Stables passed away, if we could have more and more Evelyn stories, I’d be very happy. (Her presence was greatly missed in The Last Adventure and The Quin Dilemma.) If Evelyn was good in her first story, she continues that trend and rises even higher here. Practically ordering the Doctor to apologize one moment, then breaking and entering the next. There’s both a vulnerability and a hard steel to her, as well as a rather large mischievous streak. And then there’s Nick Courtney as the Brigadier. Listening to this very soon after one of the more recent Big Finish 3DAs makes what Jon Culshaw does in capturing the character even more impressive.

Episode 1 sets up the story and characters well. Episode 2 is slower and slots things into place. Episode 3 is the one that builds to the finale, following and joining the threads set down in the first half. Episode 4 brings everything to an explosive conclusion with the Brigadier saving the day in the end. It is a somewhat violent story, but no more so than any other Colin era or Hinchcliffe era stories. Maybe it seems that way because it’s all in the mind and it’s not diluted by a low budget. This is the kind of Doctor Who story that Mary Whitehouse would probably rally against. I can totally see it being a Tom story. As for the story of the alien threat, when all is said and done, it’s actually kind of sad. Accidentally killing his brother and then waiting 18,000 years to exact revenge on said brother for abandoning him. It’s all kind of sad, and thus really good writing. I could probably wax lyrical on this story for a few more paragraphs if I put my mind to it. But, I’ll just wrap this up here. In the end, this is a great story. A great Sixth Doctor and Evelyn story, and just a great Doctor Who story in general. This really is peak Doctor Who and a great way to show people how good Big Finish can be.


SO cozy, very pleasant while im sick at home right now. the plot itself is a little forgettable imo, but there’s some really lovely character stuff in here (and you gotta love a little folk horror in doctor who…). highlights for me: evelyn successfully making the doctor be polite, the doctor being delighted as usual to see the Brigadier (and the Brig realizing who he is), Evelyn starting trouble, Six, Evelyn, and the Brig discussing dinner after everythings cleared up.

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Here’s the Lee Sullivan art promo from DWM for this one:


I adore this one, it feels like Classic Who in all the best ways. It may not be the most original of ideas but it’s an idea I really enjoy – spooky events in the heart of rural England with a sci-fi element. It wouldn’t feel out of place alongside things like The Stones of Blood. The bonus here is we have Sixie & The Brigadier, its just so enjoyable to hear them together & Evelyn is also great.

I recently found out that this was originally written as a 4th Doctor audio that was offered to Tom to show him what BF could do but he turned it down.


I’m going to have to risk an uprising and say I didn’t really like this story.

It’s just my least favourite type of Who: old English village, occult fairytales, evil old men wanting to take over the world with supernatural stuff… arghhh that’s my kryptonite :sweat_smile: sorry!

At least the Master wasn’t involved otherwise I would have rolled my eyes into the back of my head!!

However the performances definitely brought it up to a decent level. The Brig is back, Evelyn is wonderful, Sixie is becoming easier to listen to, it’s all coming together nicely. So for the performances alone (although the less said about the voice of Sancreda the better), I give this 6/10.

[Hides in the corner]


Honestly, I’m going to agree with you - it’s not that I don’t like this one, I just always forget it exists and I don’t think it’s one I’d choose to listen to having listened to all the other 6 & Evelyn stuff. I think this one is basically fine to good, but it’s definitely not my favourite


We need a ‘sin bin’ where we lock away people for punishment whenever they express opinions which clearly indicate they have no taste.



Two episodes in and I love it.

That cliffhanger to Part 1 wherethe imp’s laugh appears right in your lughole - proper chills.

Love how Evelyn is actually given proper intelligent stuff to do and how she brings out the best in the 6th Doctor.

And, oh my, how wonderful is Nicholas Courtney!


Question for everyone who has heard this, for cataloguing reasons:

At the very end the TARDIS had disappeared and only came back when the danger was gone - this sounds an awful lot like the Hostile Action Displacement System, HADS, but wasn’t mentioned by name - is that what it was?

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I don’t think it has ever been confirmed anywhere, but I guess it could be?

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