So I have all the animated releases sitting on my DVD shelf but have only watched a small percentage of them - The Reign of Terror, Galaxy 4, The Tenth Planet, The Invasion and Shada.

I’m 4/6 of the way through The Power of the Daleks and I’m very impressed by the Dalek work.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the animations? Which ones should I be looking forward to (I’m working through the stories in order with my eldest so have been saving all the Troughtons). Which ones work better as black and white or in colour?

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I love the animations, particularly the newer ones. The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones, The Evil of the Daleks and The Abominable Snowmen are all loving recreations of the missing stories and impressively well-made considering the limited resources. The colour version help the stories pop out more. They’ve become the definitive versions of these stories for me.


I don’t remember the last time I had seen evil of the daleks before I watched the animation, but the I didn’t really remember it well when I watched it (a couple of years ago I think?) and it gave me a new appreciation for the story

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Some are just badly done but at least they doing them. I do like that they colorize alot of the newer ones and give options for black and white for people that enjoy them that way. Always a joy to see the differences they take compared to recons.


I’ve been comparing the Power animations and recons. I was astounded by how much footage from Power exists. It’s great we can choose which version to watch.

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My main gripe with these is the fact that they keep changing the animation styles. Right when I thought they’d found their definitive style with the past few releases, they changed it again for the upcoming Celestial Toymaker animation. And watching the newer animations makes some of the earlier ones (The Reign of Terror in particular) look really rough. I hope they do go back and redo some of those (though they might not, due to costs).

And then there’s the failed experiment that was the 3D-animated Episode 3 of The Web of Fear. I always watch the Loose Cannon recon instead, because that animation is horrendous.


I wish they had a bigger budget. We have been watching Star Wars: The Bad Batch and wow those animations are beautiful. But they must be very expensive!

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It’s different teams though, isn’t it. And the Toymaker animation is building on the work of The Web of Fear 3, I think. I’m looking forward to Toymaker simply because it looks so weird which I think will suit the story.

I know some of the animations aren’t to everyone’s taste and the narrative decisions made cause some fans to get a bit cross but, with the fully animated releases also getting full reconstructions, I think we are very lucky that we can choose how we watch these missing episodes.


For web of fear I prefer a fan made episode I found on YouTube over the official one

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There are some excellent fan efforts out there - I particularly liked the recent one for The Celestial Toyroom.

Not sure about that anime-styled Marco Polo though :confused:

The Marco polo one wasn’t the best, but I still prefer it to the reconstruction

It would probably need an all bells and whistles animation to make me appreciate Marco Polo. I really struggle with that story!


Which is probably why it’s not been done officially yet

I think it’s the number of characters and potential sets that is preventing that one from being slated for production.

Which missing stories are top of people’s lists for the animation treatment?

Mine would be The Myth Makers, The Savages, The Smugglers and The Highlanders.

The Daleks master plan tops my list, but I don’t expect it. otherwise our lists are pretty identical

I don’t really rate either The Myth Makers or The Highlanders but I would be up for re-evaluating them with some proper visuals. Myth Makers, in particular, suffers from a lack of photographic record.

I mostly want them becouse they are stories that either gained or lost a companion

Though I will take absolutely any Troughton story

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Oh that’s true - I hadn’t even thought of that!

Master Plan is my most wanted as well, though we will most likely never get it due to the humongous proportions of the story. Marco Polo is also high on the list, as are The Wheel in Space and The Savages. I’m not a big fan of the completely missing late Hartnell-era historicals, but The Myth Makers and The Massacre would be interesting to see with a bit more movement to support the soundtrack.