Allons-y! Welcome!

Hey there!

Welp here we are! After looking around this place for an hour now I just felt in love with this place! It’s absolutely stunning. The design, the atmosphere and everything in between, but enough about this place! This should be an introduction post and not about me yapping and fanboying about this place!

So hi! I am Ben and I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for over a decade now and been a fan of Big Finish since February. I have watched New Who for many times now and even though there were rough times I never stopped watching.

I started watching the show around 2012-2013 with my big brother who introduced me to the show. He showed me some episodes from the Matt Smith era with Karen and Arthur as Amy and Rory and from that moment I knew I had to watch this show so that’s what I did. Even though 11 was technically my first Doctor I started with 9 and I went through everything.

For a very long time my favourite Doctor was 10 or 11 but only recently realised that I love 12 way more than the others because of his more serious tone and actions. He feels more alien like the others. He feels more like The Doctor. The definite article, you might say!

Recently I started rewatching the show with my best friend and introduced it to her last year with the 60th anniversary and well it was kind of a butterfly effect because I started watching Classic Who alone for the first time after that and I wanted to do something special. While I was doing Classic Who I tried to boost my experience with Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish.

And so here we are. A few months passed and I listened and bought a couple of physical copies. So if you have any questions about which ones I have and which ones I like or if you want to send me some recommendations as well then feel free to leave a reply here!

Thank you everyone for reading this really long post and I am looking forward to be the part of this community! Allons-y Alonso!


Welcome! What are some of your favourite Big Finish stories? We have a lot of BF fans here, please feel free to browse the Audio tag and comment on any of the threads there! There’s no time limit on anything :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing you around!


Hi there. Welcome to the site and forum.

We have TV Club Audio Club Book Club and Comic Club. They’re good places to jump into and give your spicy opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is anything you want to know about in the site or forum, feel free to ask, and we will point you in the right direction.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Hey, welcome to the forums!!!


Hi and welcome to the site and our lovely community! I like your positive “origin story” and hope to hear more of your opinions and thoughts on our wide range of discussion topics!


I don’t have that big of a collection from Big Finish stories but I have a couple stories that I really enjoyed so far.

Pursuit of the Nightjar (5DA: In The Night)

Spare Parts (Main Range)

Tick-Tock World (1DA Volume 3)

Monsters in Metropolis (9DA: Lost Warriors)

Forgotten Lives (Torchwood Monthly)


Welcome! I’m glad you like our site :smile:

Where did you hear about it, if you don’t mind me asking? (Might even post a topic about this because I’m interested in that!)

12 is definitely an underrated Doctor, he’s brilliant!


Where did I hear about this site? Well that’s a good question. I believe I’ve seen someone mentioning this site on the Doctor Who Community Server in the audio-drama room. I was looking after another rating site after what happened with Time Scales I never wanted to touch it again, but hey this site is brilliant so far and I am enjoying my time here!


Welcome to the forum and the site @Bencehun_12 - it’s great to have you here.


Welcome Ben. I only joined recently myself and I’m finding TARDIS Guide to be a revelation. Great people, beautifully presented site, lively but positive and polite discussions. Loving it so far and I’m sure you will too.

My youngest son would also list Capaldi as his favourite (certainly his favourite 21st century incarnation) and I can absolutely see why you also rank Twelve so highly. Excellent performances and a truly alien characterisation at times. Which of his stories would you rank as your particular favourites? I have a particular fondness for series 10. Bill makes for a stand out companion in his era. Plus, I adore the Doctor as academic. It just fits his characterisation so well and has never been done quite like that before.


This is good to know. I often feel that Big Finish stories are underappreciated. I’ve followed Big Finish since “The Sirens of Time” (in those days, I suddenly felt that I had Doctor Who back - it was wonderful), although the volume of their output means that I have to be a little more choosy these days. I might even contribute to that part of the forum myself, from time to time!


To this day my favourite Doctor Who story is World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls because it is just so beautiful and dramatic. It’s just full of life. Both Peter Capaldi and Pearl in their peak.


Definitely need to check out the Audio Club then. We’re currently working through the Main Range/Monthly Adventures and are on #19 Minuet in Hell.


Thanks for the pointer. I’ll check that out when I have a moment! :smiley:


World Enough and Time… A fantastic choice! You, sir, clearly are someone with taste and discernment. Cheers!


Yeah, feel free to jump in and out of any of the clubs as you see fit. The schedule is more when a new thread drops then when you have to listen/read/watch something.


A great welcome to you.