Adding Quotes to the website

If you find a quote for a story that is missing from the site, you can now add quotes and earn badges for doing so!

Here is a guide on how to do this, including a brand new way to view the quotes you have submitted!

On the main quotes page, find the link to Add Quote (shown at the bottom of this screenshot):

If you aren’t already verified, you’ll need to do that first. That is done by posting an introduction post to the forum, and then waiting until you are verified by a member of staff.

Please ensure the quote is not already on the site before attempting to add it!

Please only add quotes that others would find interesting!

Then, enter the details to add a quote:


This should be part of the quote, a few words if possible. It will automatically be used as the URL as well.

All of time and space


The main quote. Please always include the name of the person quoting IN FULL CAPS in front of every line of speech. Add a line break in between different people. Add (brackets) around text that is describing what happens.

This is all made easier if you copy the quote directly from the transcript. You can also use Markdown, like here on the forum, to add bold and italic.

DOCTOR: This is something the Doctor said.
(Brackets to describe what is happening on-screen)
ROSE: This is what Rose said in response.


Select from the list the name of the story. In very rare cases there are two stories with the same name, try to work out the correct one with the additional info at your disposal.


Select any and all Characters (Doctors, companions, villains…) that are speaking in the quote


Click the Tags dropdown to see what is available - we are adding tags all the time. Choose tags that best describe this quote.

That’s it! Then submit the quote and after it has been approved, it will show on the site. But even before it is approved, you can check it and add it to your favourites:

Viewing your submitted quotes

On your profile, under “My Quotes” there is a “My Submitted Quotes” area. This will list every quote you’ve submitted. You can add them to your favourites, or share the link.

Other people can’t see the content of unapproved quotes, but you can add them to your favourites here so that as soon as they go live, they will appear in your favourites list!

More updates coming soon:

There will soon be badges up for grabs for submitting quotes that receive a high number of favourites! Watch this space!



-sideeyes the huge document of Gallifrey quotes I haven’t submitted yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:-


Yay, I have 2 successfully submitted quotes now!!! But no badge :pensive: need to find more!


81 submitted quotes. I’ll have to look for 19 more good quotes to add…


I take it that I need to find 98 more than :joy:



Well, there are badges at 10 and 50…


It appears that one of my quotes has developed a fault. What should I do? :thinking:


Ah I thought that quote was the silence that The Veil makes as it stalks its prey… /jk

No, it appears the quote is too long. I’ll take a look and see if I can distill it to something shorter.

Edit: fixed it by removing all the repeats etc., it’s now just a lovely story. Oh wait, what’s that behind me?! Argh!


Sorry, I didn’t know there was a character limit. It’s an absolutely iconic scene, and it definitely needed to be included, but figuring out how to cut the quotes properly can be somewhat difficult.


No worries. Ideally the quotes should be short, as they will appear on people’s profiles if they favourite them. Still figuring out the best way to show them.


I’ve made it now so you can easily view how many favourites a quote has, by viewing its page (click the little chain icon).

This quote has the most favourites:


Oh, believe me, I have plenty of trouble deciding when to cut off a quote myself.


Ooh, I love these updates! I’ll get my quote-submitting hat on again! :saluting_face:


Incidentally, if anyone is ever on the page for a story and notices there isn’t a quotes tab for the story, that means there aren’t any quotes for it, so if you can think of a quote from the story, I highly encourage you to submit one!

All stories deserve at least one quote.


Does anyone have any tips for how to capture quotes that one likes from audio stories?


If I’m listening to an audio and I hear something quote-worthy, I take a screenshot so it records the time.

Then in theory I go back later, look at the screenshot, listen to it again, and type it out.

I say in theory because I tend to leave it ages and then do them in bulk. I have dozens of screenshots to sort through. :sweat_smile:


Interestingly enough, Twelfth Doctor Quotes make up seven out of the top ten favorited quotes on the site currently.


More proof that the Twelfth Doctor is awesome!


I just transcribe it out manually, which is why I’m only doing it for series I know off by heart right now, because I don’t mind stopping and starting them. I am working on transcripts for some episodes too but it just takes time I don’t have at the minute, alas. It would be nice if there was a faster way