2024 Club Schedule

To give people a chance to plan ahead, here is the combined schedule for the current three clubs running on the forum (Book Club, Audio Club, TV Club) and will encompass the rest of 2024. I do have a couple formatting questions that I’ll ask below the schedule, so right now I’m just posting March.


March 15 - Timewyrm: Exodus by Terrance Dicks

March 15 - The Marian Conspiracy
March 22 - The Genocide Machine
March 29 - Red Dawn

March 11 - An Unearthly Child
March 18 - The End of the World
March 25 - The Daleks

My question is should I keep the three clubs separate like I have them here? Or combine the three into one list that would look like this?


March 11 (TV) - An Unearthly Child
March 15 (Book) - Timewyrm: Exodus by Terrance Dicks
March 15 (Audio) - The Marian Conspiracy
March 18 (TV) - The End of the World
March 22 (Audio) - The Genocide Machine
March 25 (TV) - The Daleks
March 29 (Audio) - Red Dawn

Also, should I include authors for the audio stories, remove the authors entirely, or have some variation thereof?


I think the first iteration is the best. Keep each club separate especially as they have slightly different running times between new topics.

Also, I don’t really think the author element is needed for any of the dates. The title should be enough for people to plan ahead.


Okay, sounds good. I’ll post April through June here in a moment. Do I need headers for each club or is the line between each one enough?

I’d put headers.

How do people think we should tackle three parters in the modern series?

Two parters will be one TV Club discussion but what about sequences such as Utopia to Last of the Time Lords, Face the Raven to Hell Bent or Extremis to The Lie of the Land?

  • Three parters as separate Clubs
  • Three parters as a single Club.
  • Depends on the three parter.
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Here’s April through June:


Book Club
April 1 - Winner Takes All
April 15 - Timewyrm: Apocalypse

Audio Club
April 5 - The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
April 12 - Winter for the Adept
April 19 - The Apocalypse Element
April 26 - The Fires of Vulcan

TV Club
April 1 - The Unquiet Dead
April 8 - The Edge of Destruction
April 15 - Aliens of London/World War Three
April 22 - Marco Polo
April 29 - Dalek


Book Club
May 1 - The Deviant Strain
May 15 - Timewyrm: Revelation

Audio Club
May 3 - The Shadow of the Scourge
May 10 - The Holy Terror
May 17 - The Mutant Phase
May 24 - Storm Warning
May 31 - Sword of Orion

TV Club
May 6 - The Keys of Marinus
May 13 - The Long Game
May 20 - The Aztecs
May 27 - Father’s Day


Book Club
June 1 - Only Human
June 15 - Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible

Audio Club
June 7 - The Stones of Venice
June 14 - Minuet in Hell
June 21 - Loups-Garoux
June 28 - Dust Breeding

TV Club
June 3 - The Sensorites
June 10 - The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
June 17 - The Reign of Terror
June 24 - Boom Town


It really depends. Utopia and Heaven Sent almost deserve their own thread, the Series 10 arc could be done as one. It’ll might have to be a case by case thing. I’ll hold off on posting July through December for a little bit, see what the concensus is.


Just to throw a spanner in the works I personally think even two parters deserve their own discussion! Some of them are so different.

For example Heaven Sent and Hell Bent are two completely different stories!



I don’t see the need to include authors in most cases, but there is definitely some duplication of story names across the whoniverse, either because the same story is available in multiple formats or because the creators just chose the same name.

If only it were possible to list them as links to some kind of website which describes all the stories. Someone should probably make such a website :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If the different stories are listed under whether they are book, audio or TV, that should circumvent any issues of confusion between similarly titled stories.

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Actually you know, one thing I’ve been really surprised and delighted by when working on this site is that there is hardly ever a repeat of a story title. Even with the thousands on the site, it’s so rare that a title is repeated that I’m surprised when I see it happen.

One exception being World Enough and Time which is a Twelfth Doctor TV episode and a Diary of River Song episode.

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Or Square One being being both a Gallifrey story and a story in UNIT: Silenced.

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Or I am the Master being both a Big Finish Short Trip and a Sacha Dhawan box set.

I can’t help thinking that as more stuff keeps being produced, this is going to get worse.


They will eventually run out of words :smiley:


So it seems that consensus on how to handle three-part New Series stories is rather mixed. So I’ll post the rest of the year up until I reach the end of the year or a three-parter, whichever comes first. I’ll probably post it sometime in the next couple days.


Book Club
July 1 - The Stealers of Dreams
July 15 - Cat’s Cradle: Warhead

Audio Club
July 5 - Bloodtide
July 12 - Project: Twilight
July 19 - The Eye of the Scorpion
July 26 - Colditz

TV Club
July 7 - Planet of the Giants
July 14 - Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways
July 21 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth
July 28 - The Christmas Invasion



Book Club
August 1 - The Stone Rose
August 15 - Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark

Audio Club
August 2 - Primeval
August 9 - The One Doctor
August 16 - Invaders from Mars
August 23 - The Chimes of Midnight
August 30 - Seasons of Fear

TV Club
August 4 - The Rescue
August 11 - New Earth
August 18 - The Romans
August 25 - Tooth and Claw

Comics Club
August 14 - Hyperion
August 28 - Weapons of Past Destruction

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Book Club
September 1 - The Feast of the Drowned
September 15 - Nightshade

Audio Club
September 6 - Embrace the Darkness
September 13 - Time of the Daleks
September 20 - Neverland
September 27 - Spare Parts

TV Club
September 2 - The Web Planet
September 9 - School Reunion
September 16 - The Crusade
September 23 - The Girl in the Fireplace
September 30 - The Space Museum

Comics Club
September 11 - Four Doctors
September 25 - The Endless Song

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Book Club
October 1 - The Resurrection Casket
October 15 - Love and War

Audio Club
October 4 - …Ish
October 11 - The Rapture
October 18 - The Sandman
October 25 - The Church and the Crown

TV Club
October 7 - Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
October 14 - The Chase
October 21 - The Idiot’s Lantern
October 28 - The Time Meddler

Comics Club
October 9 - Arena of Fear
October 23 - Sins of the Father


Can’t wait for the 23rd, I firmly believe The Chimes of Midnight is the greatest Who Christmas story ever, then it’s followed up by an excellent string of stories up until Spare Parts