Zagreus & The Wormery - what to do about order?

I’ve been informed by @LizShawappreciation (thanks!) that on the website Zagreus appears after The Wormery, which according to their numbering is the wrong order.

However, it is a strange fact that they were released in this order - according to the Wiki for The Wormery:

Despite being the fifty-first title in Big Finish’s Main Range, it was released before the fiftieth story, Zagreus.

Stories on the site are sorted by release order, I think that makes the most sense, and there is no way for me to alter that order without changing release dates.

So I’m not really sure what I should do here - just fake the release date? Maybe I should fake it internally but add a way to show a different, corrected release date on the page? What about if someone really wants to sort things by release date though!?

I hate things like this haha, what do you think I should do?

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I didn’t realise they had been released like that! To me, I think probably I would want it in number order rather than release, and I would presume (though could be wrong) that most people see Zagreus as 50 and therefore would be surprised to see 51 come before it

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Perhaps we could send an e-mail to the Big Finish Podcast and ask Nick and Benji to answer this important question for us, once and for all!


This is probably the only solution. We must sort this out within 40 weeks when we reach this point for the audio club.


I’d just keep going by release date. This is the only flipped release I can think of. At worst just put a note on each release page saying that it is reversed.

I’m tempted just to leave it, rather than mess about with it.

But are there any story reasons for listening to these in the number order, rather than release order? That’s the main thing - if people accidentally listen in the wrong order because of my site, and they get confused, I’ll feel bad!

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If you sort by release date on the BF website, Zagreus comes before The Wormery. Both were released in the same month in any case. Personally I don’t see it as that big a deal as long as the Audio Club sticks to numerical order, as BF clearly intend us to do.

There is at least one other flipped release however - The Lost Stories 7.1 The Ark & 7.2 Genesis of Terror - and don’t even get me started on Torchwood #50 / 50X…!