Yet another opinion for a DW Fanfic

Hey there, me again, once again in need of an opinion.
One of the things I loved about the Pertwee era was his exile on Earth, but then I wondered, what if the Doctor wasn’t exiled on then-modern day Earth? So, I came up with a fanfic inspired by it, simply titled “Stranded in Time”, where the Doctor is exiled to a more primitive period (or more primitive world). But which one sounds more interesting? (I’ll come up with the companions by myself)

  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Greece
  • Victorian England
  • 1500s Italy
  • Shogunate-era Japan
  • Ancient Egypt
  • 1917 Russia, in the middle of the Revolution
  • 30 Years War-era France
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You know, the 3rd Doctor’s era was also typified by repeatedly thwarting plots by the Master, and the Master is Rasputin…

The Third Doctor’s ‘clubbable’ persona would fit with the Victorian era extremely well but there are a lot of Doctor Who stories set there and BF have already done a mini-arc where he is stranded there after Thomas Brewster steals the TARDIS.

@SweetAIBelle’s suggestion of 1917 Russia is another good shout.

I can’t really see the Third Doctor in Rome or Greece or Japan but maybe 1500 Italy.

I really like the ancient world suggestions, they feel so different to anything else the show’s done, and the lack of technology feels like an intetesting challenge, both from a writing perspecrive, and for the Doctor

Anything other than England is great - it’s not done anywhere near enough! I really loved The Room with No Doors, which explored 16th Century Japan (a hundred years off I know but it’s still pretty cool) and State of Change which explored if modern technology was available in Ancient Rome. Victorian England has been done to death in Who; anything else would be very interesting. Be sure to share the fic when it’s finished… I’d love to read it, it’s an interesting idea!


State of Change was so cool! One of my favorite things about Christopher Bulis is how in every book I’ve read from him so far, he comes out the gate with some really strong concepts.

I’m almost to The Room With No Doors; I’ll shortly be starting Bad Therapy!