Why do replies to comments appear twice?

This one has really been bugging me. If I reply to someone else’s comment, it appears as a “reply” if you click on the dropdown arrow, but also again as a new full comment at the end of the thread. A set of nested replies can result in the same comment appearing multiple times. I’ve never experienced this on any other forum.

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Can you provide some screenshots to help explain?

I think they mean when you do something like this

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Yes exactly this, thanks!

How would you expect it to work?

Just see it as a reply under the post I had replied to - like Reddit

It just puts every comment chronologically, regardless of if it’s a reply to the main post or a different comment, but if a comment has replies that aren’t the next comment in the thread it’ll show them in a dropdown


This a more old-school type of forum that works on chronology instead of replies (as @flora_snow00 mention). The good thing about that is that it makes all posts more visible not only the popular ones like Reddit.

Yes it’s because it works like an old fashioned forum where every comment is chronological, but also if you reply to a specific post then when reading you can expand the replies on that post.

It’s trying to be the best of both worlds.

Reddit’s comment system is infuriating because it orders things in a way to promote “engagement” but actually makes it harder to read.