Which is your favourite Doctor?

I just learned how to do this so now you can answer the age old question

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Don’t make me choose! :sweat_smile:

You could have made it multiple choice!


@shauny I am @ u for a badge hope you dont mind

Agreed, it’s practically impossible to choose just one

true. evey one is equaly as good just different 12 has the most episodes I like tho

Love em all but Tom still my top fav

need to get around to watching tom he was fantastic in day of the doctor tho

My favorite changes regularly, last time I finished a rewatch (last year) made me like 2 the most, probably becouse I got to see a few animations I’d never seen before, oh and that was the first time I’d seen enemy of the world sense it’s been found, much better than I thought it was

I chose 5 because he’s my favorite at the moment, though which is my favorite has changed before and probably will again. I often don’t even have a favorite. If you’d done what @shauny suggested and let us choose more than one option, I’d want to click all of them :laughing:


I had to go with the 3rd Doctor, he just had such lovely rapport with the rest of the UNIT family.
An honourable mention to the 6th Doctor, I know his televised era has gotten a lot of flak - I have just always found his approach to the role refreshingly different :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m a Paul McGann girlie through and through, but my top three are 3, 8, and 12. And then 7 and 9. And…


The results are interesting. I do believe it would have been easier for people to choose had they multiple choice checkbox options instead of a definitive fav via radio buttons, as has been mentioned by others here, but then, I also don’t believe that the following stat would have appeared so blatantly:

Right now (20240325), and in second place w/17% of participants choosing him, Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor - who according to Wikipedia Paul McGann, only ever appeared in a single episode/story; yet he’s garnered a lot of support from people.

That’s a really interesting stat, and I wonder why, where others had several seasons and years during their tenure.

Considering I haven’t seen that TV Movie, I can’t offer any subjective, personal observations to help me understand why he’s the second most fav Doctor (according to this poll with this community).

So maybe someone here can enlighten me as to what it was (I’m assuming his performance?) that led so many people to choose him as their fav?

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This likely stems from the numerous Big Finish audios he has produced since 2001! There are several great stories in there, and McGann absolutely shines in the role. His best work as the Doctor isn’t even in the TV Movie.


Also the books! 8 has soooo many books!


I’d assume a disproportional number of us here are Big Finish fans - if you do this poll among DW fans who aren’t so deep in the extended universe, I imagine you’d get a more ‘normal’ result of 10 and 4 coming out on top. But by the nature of this being a forum for obsessive people, I imagine many of us are in wayyyy too deep :rofl:


Let’s not underestimate his TV work, he is a Doctor - but probably not the one you were expecting. And he doesn’t wear robes! :wink:



Yup. What they said. While I do enjoy the TV Movie as a very fun, if flawed, piece of Doctor Who, it’s really Big Finish that has made me really enjoy McGann’s doctor. I’ve followed his adventures through the Charley Pollard era, the four season of Lucie Miller, Dark Eyes 1-4, Doom Coaltion 1-4, Ravenous 1-4, Stranded 1-4, The Time War 1-5, plus most of the other random other Big Finish stuff that fills in the gaps. I’ve dabbled a little in the early novels and a bit in the DWM comics. Just in Big Finish alone, Eight has about fifteen companions.


The more Doctor Who I watch/listen to/read, the harder this gets!!

Right now, I’m loving 8 with Charley. He’s just brilliant.

7 is starting to rub off on me. 6 is fantastic, particularly in audio. 3 is one of my absolute favorites, I love his era with UNIT. 12 is also amazing, I really love him and Clara and their story together.

But 10… man, just in stories, he’s got so many of my favorites.

I can’t choose!


I’ve voted for Eight, but Seven and Ten are so, so close behind, it’s a very tight top 3, and on a different day you might get a different answer. But today and thinking of the novels, audio’s and comics, Eight is the one on top! x :1tardis: