Which failed classic villain should get a modern redemption?

Bit of an odd question here, so allow me to explain.

‘The Web Planet’ has gained something of a reputation for being shoddily made - cameras soaked in vaseline, and Zarbi who walk into said cameras.

Now imagine if they got a redemption in the current era. A huge budget thrown at recreating Vortis and its inhabitants; whole stampedes of Zarbi and swarms of Menoptera!

Are there any villains you think failed the first time round and deserve their redemption?


Continuing the trend of Hartnell villains, I think that the Voord are interesting designs and bringing them back could flesh out their species and their intentions. Another two species I think would be interesting to see come back would be the Rills and the Drahvins from Galaxy 4. I’m not entirely sure how they should be used but I really like Galaxy 4 so seeing them again would be pretty cool!

An honorable mention here would be the Macra because even though they were present in series 3, they were no where near the Macra we see in The Macra Terror. My dream is to get a fully fledged Macra 2 parter with the 15th Doctor where the Macra attempt to control the entirety of Earth.


I super agree with the Voord, this might sound silly but id love to see modernised Morpho Brains too


The Sensorites could work, given that we have the Ood, who are from the same galaxy (they Sensorites are from the Sense Sphere and the Ood from the Ood Sphere).

I’ve also always wanted to see the Draconians return. They have a cool design and they are interesting warmongering political aliens, so they could still work in a modern context.


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’d love to see the Master of the Land of Fiction back.

(I’ve actually been hoping that we’re actually headed that direction with 15…)

We need the Gods of Ragnorok back, too.


I object to there being any “failed” villains from the Classic Era :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s said I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of the Myrka where the paint actually has had a change to dry :grin:


whilst not failed, I’d love to see The Monk make a return to television. I’ll forever lament the fact we never got that rumoured Matt Berry Monk/12 story


My head cannon is that the sea monster glimpsed in Legend of the Sea Devils is actually the Myrka, so it has already made a return :wink:


Headcanon accepted :+1:

I know it’s already been in the revival, but I would really like to see the Great Intelligence again, but not done so unbelievably flatly that it still manages to be forgettable even when portrayed by two of Britain’s most famous actors.


Yeah Richard E. Grant definitely did a better job as the two different incarnations of the Doctor that he has played :+1:


For sure. I’m an unapologetic Shalka fan. Wish they would do more with him.


There is absolutely nothing to apologise for my friend. Shalka is awesome!

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It was weird that they had a massive sea monster in a Sea Devil episode and didn’t make it the Myrka. I think everyone assumed it was going to be.

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You know, maybe we could see the Skarasen again?


Actually, the Voord appear in two Big Finish episodes, you might want to check it out!


Also ‘Four Doctors’ (the comic) has them and is great!

Oh, I didn’t know (didn’t hear that one)

Ah whoops, I meant ‘Four Doctors’ (the comic), not ‘The Four Doctors’ (the audio drama)


Oh right, I completely forgot they were in this one

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