What's your top-10 10th Doctor stories for under-10s?

My nearly-8 year old son has just gotten into Who with the 60th-anniversary specials + Church on Ruby Road.

He’s also watched Day of the Doctor, Power of the Doctor, and the first four episodes of Flux.

So far, he loves Tenant’s Doctors, quite like Gatwa and Whitaker’s, and has a soft spot for Hurt’s grumpiness as the War Doctor.

So, as the title says, what are your favourite Tenth Doctor stories that you think would be appropriate for 8-10-year-olds?

Difficult subjects aren’t a problem, as we watch and discuss difficult stuff all the time. However, I’d prefer to avoid stories that are super scary, as we’ll likely be watching them in my bedroom between 9pm and midnight for the next few nights while my wife and eldest are away at a Pokemon tournament in London.
Dopamine hits are welcome, and silliness will go down a treat.

I have seen all of the 10 episodes myself, but I have a terrible memory for NuWho and have yet to do a re-watch to rate them all. :smiley:



The Next Doctor might be a good one. Love and Monsters? I don’t know.

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In no particular order here are 10 probably good for an under 10 year old

  1. School Reunion
  2. Runaway Bride
  3. Smith and Jones
  4. Partners in Crime
  5. New Earth
  6. Fires of Pompeii
    7&8. Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead
    9&10. Stolen Earth / Journeys end
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Depends a little on your definition of scary perhaps, but my list would probably be something like this in no particular order:

  • School Reunion
  • Partners in Crime
  • Smith and Jones
  • Sontaran Strategem/Poison Sky
  • Unicorn and the Wasp
  • New Earth
  • Impossible Planet/Satan Pit
  • Utopia
  • Planet of the Ood
  • Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks

But maybe I’m not the best judge because I was obsessed with Turn Left at 11 because it’s devastating :rofl:


My niece and nephew, who are 9 and 12, just got into Doctor Who as I told my sister to show them the 60th specials! So exciting to have them into it as well, we were chatting about them over Christmas.

I told them to watch Series 1 at some point, then when I went in to their room in the morning they were all together watching World War 3.

I said “Wow, you’re already on this episode!” and their dad said “No, Jake picked this one to watch because he liked the green alien monster in the picture” (Slitheen).

So they have not inherited my need for watching things in the correct order :laughing: and they jumped into the second half of a two-parter. After that I played Dalek for them, which was me nerding out but they might not have totally ‘got’ it - Amber, my niece, doesn’t seem to love the show. I’m hoping she will click with Ruby!

Oh and they loved the Goblin song - especially as they also love Labyrinth!


Brilliant, I love everything about that.

My eldest watched Smith and Jones on a loop when they were about 6.


Your niece and nephew have excellent taste and clearly superb parents if they have seen Labyrinth.

Glad to hear the ‘watch it in order’ gene isn’t hereditary.

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Yeah my sister and I used to have Labyrinth on VHS when we were younger and watched it over and over, we used to play outside and pretend that the local pond was the Bog of Eternal Stench :laughing:

We also loved The Dark Crystal so there were a lot of dark puppets in my childhood lol. Might explain why I like The Giggle and Ruby Road so much.

As for watching things in order - I’m sure he will grow into it!!


The Dark Crystal is brilliant - and yet I still haven’t watched the prequel series!

A well spent childhood - I approve. Anything Henson-related is another of my fandoms.


giphy (2)

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Also who else can HEAR this gif? :grin:


I was younger than 10 during his run and there are a lot of episodes I remember liking that were not as highly rated (Fear Her and The Idiot’s Lantern). There were some scary moments, but the only 10th Doctor episode that really scared me was Blink.


The Netflix Dark Crystal series is incredible, but ruined by the fact it was cancelled and so doesn’t have a satisfying ending :disappointed:

But I guess Doctor Who fans are used to things getting cancelled…


First night report, we watched School Reunion and Love & Monsters, he liked both, was a bit saddened by L&M, but super liked School Reunion, especially K9 and Sarah Jane. :grin::raised_hands:t2:


You know who the design supervisor on the Netflix Dark Crystal series was?

(No, not Bowie…)

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Is that true?

It’s on wikipedia and IMDB:

His parents were both working on Labyrinth, so having him have a role in it too makes sense…


I watched Love and Monsters when I was only 10 years old. The thought of losing my body and becoming a face trapped on a naked Peter Kay gave me nightmares. Maybe that one’s best avoided.


Honestly I’m not sure how I avoided this myself last night, Kay is terrifying in that role.