What's your rarest/oldest piece of merchandise

What’s the rarest or oldest piece of merchandise you own?

I have a couple, neither of which would be worth anything as they are boxless and incomplete but both mean a lot to me as they are two of the earliest things I ever got.



Slightly better condition than in this picture, but it doesn’t have the wrapping anymore sadly


I’ve got that although I never played it. Played a few games with it’s spiritual successor - Time Lord.

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I’ve sadly never gotten the chance to play either

Probably my books? I own all the Virgin fiction ranges (VNAs, VMAs, Decalogs) including the two rare ‘holy grails’ of So Vile a Sin, Lungbarrow, and The Dying Days/Cold Fusion, The Dark Path, and The Well-Mannered War. I’m collecting the EDAs and PDAs so I guess I have some of the rarer ones there too? (e.g. Vampire Science, both Interference books, Halflife, to name a few), even if they’re not as rare. I also have a couple of the limited edition Telos novellas!