What is your most controversial opinion?

Honestly, I’ve been of the opinion for years the Doctor/Companion romantic involvement is bad simply because I can not believe it. The Doctor of all characters in this kind of relationship just never feels quite right, almost like its conflicting with their character.


For me it really depends. I loved River and liked Yaz. Everything else just plain annoyed me. But I guess it also has a bit to do with how the respective fans are acting. A lot of Rose/Doctor shippers I have come across are really adamant that she is the Doctors one true love, while most River/Doctor fans seem way more chill to me.


I’m a big doctorrose fan but I honestly can’t talk to other shippers for too long because so many people want them to live a perfect monogamous domestic life… the Doctor and Rose are unquestionably in love to me but I don’t think there’s any reason either of them couldn’t love another person too. I mean, I don’t think either of them is fully platonic with Jack, for one thing…


I don’t really ship Doctor/rose, well I guess I ship rose more with 11 than 10, I think I mostly ship DocMana!

Expecially 4 x RII and 5 x RII!

And my own Khachapuri Doctor and tulip romana, although I guess they’re not much different than 4 and romana I, but I have my own versions of time lords although I rarely use them, I’m more invested in Luvic.

I realized that I couldn’t admit to Luvic’s death bc he has too much of a face that survives to 59 years old.


I’m a big believer in aro/ace Doctor for the most part, and not much of a shipper at all with them; especially with human companions. That being said… I do like 4/Romana, and I think there’s kind of love with certain Doctor/companion duos that isn’t necessarily romantic (like 4/Sarah, or 15/Ruby). I also do like Thasmin, but that’s mostly from the LGBT representation perspective.


Great thread!

I’ve given it some thought and I’m not saying I’m alone in this by any means but I suppose my most controversial Doctor Who opinion is that, in much the same way people have said the Twelfth Doctor is the Sixth Doctor done right (not something I necessarily concur with)… I think the Thirteenth Doctor is the Tenth Doctor done right. :speak_no_evil:


Interesting take :+1:
That makes total sense (whereas the 12 is 6 done right doesn’t quite as much😉)


I 100% prefer 13 to 10 and I think you’re right. Certainly those who criticised Whitaker for just ‘copying’ Tennant were extremely wide of the mark.


I don’t understand how The Red Lady is one of the highest rated audios. It was alright, I rated it 4/5, by no means a favourite but I feel like I missed something within it that makes it one of the highest rated.


I related it 4,5/5. Personally I really enjoyed the concept very much and thought it was a great introduction to Helen. Though it isn’t my highest rated audio I can get behind why people would say it’s theirs, while also understanding if it isn’t. :person_shrugging:


I mean, you did rate it as 4/5 and if everyone puts it as 4 or 5/5, it’s going to become a ‘highest rated audio’. It is a really good introduction to Helen and the entire concept of the Red Lady is well-realised especially so as it is a very visual concept being depicted on audio.


Beryl Reid is brilliant in Earthshock. No one can change my mind on this. :cyberman:


Is that your way of saying you don’t actually have any controversial opinions? :wink:
Is see no controversy here :grin: