What audios should i buy?

I’m interested in buying some newer big finish audios! I’m interested in the first, second and ninth doctors adventures. I’ve been looking at some bundels but still find them too expensive, i would just want to know what newer stories are worth buying! I don’t want to spend too much and end up getting the audio from a bad story…


I really like Travel in Hope. All the stories show the Doctor empowering an individual to discover their potential.


I can’t help too much as my audio drama focus so far has been on the Eighth Doctor, but the filters on the site can be used to work out the highest rated stories…

First Doctor Adventures, sorted by highest rated
Second Doctor Adventures, sorted by highest rated
Ninth Doctor Adventures, sorted by highest rated

Unfortunately these sets are often a mixed bag, so you get one excellent episode and 2 other not-so-good ones. But I hope this helps you decide!


For the First and Second Doctors, are you more interested in full cast or audiobook/narrated style releases?


I can’t speak to the 1st Doctor stuff, but I’m really liking the current 2nd Doctor run. I think “James Robert McCrimmon” has stronger stories, but it really needs “Beyond War Games” for context (which isn’t bad, just a bit too safe and nostalgic for me). You might be able to bundle them, I’m not sure

If you’re okay with a more audiobook style than audiodrama, “The Dead Star” and “Farewell, Great Macedon” are quite nice

For 9th Doctor stuff, “Back to Earth” and “Into the Stars” are probably the strongest of the ones I’ve listened to


I’m interested in full cast audiodrama’s!

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I found Responds to All Calls to be a good 9th Doctor set, the first and third story get particular praise but I’m also fond of the second. Monsters in Metropolis is a particularly standout 9DA, and the rest of the stories in that set are ok imo. The most recent 9DA set with River has been getting very good reviews but I haven’t heard it myself. I’m afraid I haven’t listened to any of the more recent 1st/2nd Doctor stuff yet. Outside of those Doctors, the 11th Doctor chronicles has someone doing an impression of Matt Smith, but it’s a very good one and the run of stories from The Inheritance to Victory of the Doctor is very strong, with a new companion to follow along with, so maybe consider giving Geronimo a try.