'Vienna: Series One' REVIEWED!

Evening all,

I’m still in the process of transferring my backcatalogue of TS reviews over to TARDIS Guide, and these four are the latest to make the jump.

‘Vienna’ is one of my comfort ranges, and I’ve actually got the reviews for Series 2 ready and waiting to be uploaded - but I thought I best transfer these four so people aren’t left scratching their head thinking “where’s the context, Palin?”

Anyway! Enough rambling - I could talk the hind legs off a donkey - here are the links to said reviews.

‘The Memory Box’

‘Dead Drop’

‘Bad Faith’


This is a series I can’t wait to get to. I love Chase Masterson and I know she is in Master!

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It’s such a wonderfully well-written series - which is to be expected, since it’s the creation of BigFinish mainstay, Jonathan Morris.

I’d say the only missfire I’ve come across so far is ‘Underworld’ (Series 2, Ep2). I wont go into detail, as I have a review written for it already, but you might as well spend an hour watching television static. It’s quite bland. And it basically rips off ‘Original Sin’,

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I need to relisten to the full series, but oh how I love the Memory Box. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had with Big Finish. Such a delighful, wild, twisting plot!

I’m not fussed by Vienna as a character (one of those actors, BF seem desperate to spend time with and start finding ways to give them work).

But I did enjoy The Memory Box. I did toy with listening to Series 1 earlier this week (I have a randomiser help me choose my next range) but hit the button again as I didn’t fancy it - would you recommend it @PalindromeRose ? (Don’t want to spoil myself with your reviews :slight_smile: )

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Yeah, Series One is a great ride.

‘Bad Faith’ is the best of the bunch. It’s Nev Fountain doing what he does best with all the witty scripting he’s known for.

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