"Verified" tick on the site

A feature I added a long time ago was a “verified” tick which you can get on your name, and you get by contacting me and asking for it.

I originally planned to make people prove they are who they say they are - this is only really possible though if you have a blog or other social media. It was really designed in case I got any “internet famous” people on the site, so to stop someone trying to impersonate them. Then Josh Snares joined the site, and the verified feature worked a treat, but hasn’t been seen here for ages :sob:

I’m tweaking it a bit now - I will verify everyone who can just prove they are not a bot by posting messages on the forum. It’s the first line of defence against hostile action on the site, so to do things like submit quotes and reviews you will need to be verified.

I’m testing out a badge that if I grant it here on the forum, it verifies you over on the site. It doesn’t update instantly though. To test it out, someone who is not yet verified please reply and I’ll give you the badge, then we can see if you get it next to your name on the site.

Further to that, what does everyone think of this feature? Should it be more robust? It’s also worked to have a way to narrow the Members list to “only people who can be bothered to interact” which is useful too!

Let me know what you think :blush:


Another fun little feature! Definitely a good way to keep those pesky WOTANs, BOSSes, XOANONs and ORACLEs off the site!