Upcoming Comic Discussions

Hey all,

It seems like the wild world of Doctor Who comics doesn’t seem to be getting much discussion. So, in the next week, I’m going to start a series of discussions about various comics (usually based off of collected editions as that’s what I can my hands on). They’ll be somewhat random and all over the place, but really want to see the comics get some of the love that the audios and books are getting.


Haven’t really read the comics, but I do own some of them due to having purchased various humble bundles in the past, so I’m sure I’ll eventually be reading those, at least.

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Nice. I have wanted to read more Who comics.

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I also haven’t read more than a couple of comics, even though I am a huge Marvel/DC comics fan overall. So this could be interesting!

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I have lots of read and even more unread comics so definitely glad this thread is here.


When it comes to Doctor Who for me its mainly the show & BF. But I have read some of the comics. I’ve got a few of the Cutaway Comics releases. They are fun.


I used to be a massive comic collector, by my midteens I had well over 10,000, but alas when I moved out I had no where to store them and when my father retired his relative at the time helping clear out his loft thought they were abandoned and put them up for auction with a lot of other brick-a-brack.

Since I kept a hand in but never collected in earnest, though I had managed to keep a hold of some items of sentimental value such as the signed Infinity Crusade set my long since passed mum had bought me.

Just this last year though my wife and put friend got me a bunch of Who and Trek comics for my birthday and I’ve decided to return to collecting just those fandoms.

My Who collection is still quite modest, just a few complete IDW and Titan runs here and there and some collections, but I’m getting there.

For anyone serious about tracking your collection I can recommend the CLZ Comics app (and web app) as it’s barcode scanning and search functions have saved me a tonne of time at conventions and in shops. :grinning:


It generally seems like this is about what I have from Humble Bundle, comicwise (All from Titan Publishing, I believe), though I could easily have missed some.

Was going to mark myself as owning them on the guide, but…

Doctor Who: Ghost Stories
Doctor Who Archives: Prisoners of Time
Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen

Doctor Who: Four Doctors

Doctor Who: The First Doctor

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Vol. 1

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Vol. 1
Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor collection - Gaze of the Medusa

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor collection - Operation Volcano

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Vol. 1

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Volume 1 - 3

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol 1 - 6
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Archives Vol. 1 - 2

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Vol 1 - 6
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives Vol. 1 2

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Vol 1 - 6

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #0: The Many Lives of Doctor Who
Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #1
Doctor Who: The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor


I own loads of comics from Humble Bundles too.

Yes they will be on the guide soon, it’s just a huge undertaking!

Watch this space :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t actually own any comics. I get all of mine through my local library. So these comics discussions will kinda be all over the place. That said, having a place to discuss this stuff is a lot of fun.


I’ve got six collections waiting for me at the library that I’ll be starting with that cover a varying range of Doctors. I’m debating whether to announce what they are in advance or wait until I create each thread.


So, I’m going to announce the first two collections that I’ll be creating threads for which will probably go up Monday night or sometime Tuesday (Pacific Standard Time - Western USA).

They are The Iron Legion (the first volume of DWM Fourth Doctor comics which contains the stories: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion [DWM 1-8], City of the Damned [DWM 9-16], Doctor Who and the Star Beast [DWM 19-26], The Dogs of Doom [DWM 27-34] and The Time Witch [DWM 35-38]) and A Matter of Life and Death (the Eighth Doctor miniseries from Titan Comics).

I’ve got some more collections that I’ll be adding some time during the week, but I’ll start with those. I figure by announcing them here, it gives everyone a couple days to see if they have easy access to these.

Note on the DWM stories: Archive has the first 200 issues of DWM on there for anyone interested: Doctor Who Magazine Archive : Doctor Who Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.


Thanks for that link. I have a complete run of DWMs from the 90s onwards but only piecemeal issues before that.

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What do you mean by this sentence? Or did you you mean “Thanks for that link”? In which case, you’re welcome.

That’s precisely what I meant! Sorry! :upside_down_face:

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No problem. It just took a bit. At first I was thinking you were meaning that the link was broken or to the wrong thing.

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Wow, thanks for this @DarthGallifrey! I’m definitely looking into joining this, if it gives me an opportunity to read some DW comics! And thanks for the nifty link, it’ll come in handy!

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I think we need to lobby @shauny for a Comics Club and associated badge :wink:


I actually considered suggesting that earlier, but I think he gets the point now :smiley:


Agreed on a Comics Club. My spearheading of this just won’t be as neat as the Book and Audio Clubs. Because of the limited availability of what I can get my hands on, there won’t be as regimental an order to these. I do plan on doing the Titan series in order within their series, but there may be gaps in programming as availability dictates. Everything else will just kinda be at random. And I don’t really have a schedule for when new threads will appear. Right now, I’ve got six that I’m planning on starting in rapid succession. There may be long gaps in between the next threads after that.