University doctor who society?

hi!! my friends and i are considering starting a doctor who society at our university next year and i was wondering if any of you had any experience with this and any suggestions for activities/events? we have some ideas in mind, but always up for suggestions!!


watch parties for new and old episodes, they’re a big thing with mu uni’s Fandom soc and Anime soc

Would potetnailly suggest something like the TV Club where you alternate between classic and revival stories


Never did it, but did belong to a local DWAS group for a while.

We mainly watched old episodes (this was loooongg before the modern series arrived) and ate jelly babies. Sometimes we’d have a quiz or a competition. Once I smashed a glass belonging to the guy who hosted us.

If was organising one nowadays non thing I’d do is themed nights - watch a bunch of Ice Warrior episodes or Dodo stories or time paradoxes or whatever.


Just for fun or by mistake?


By mistake obviously. I’m not a maniac! (And I wasn’t trying to recreate that scene from The Space Museum).


Yeah the dr who club at my first uni did that (probably still does) and would also have board game nights (some dr who themed, but most not), trivia nights, picnics and a costume competition one time.


Never did this for Doctor Who, but was part of the Perry-Rhodan-Fandom for a long time.
In my experience, structure, events, etc., are necessary, but a prolonged existence hinges on having a strong, to some extent neutral, core of people able to ‘hold the room’. There will be disagreements and fights because that’s just how people are, especially if it’s about a topic they are emotionally invested in.
You don’t have to be that core yourself all the time, but there must be people who keep a cool head when things get heated and are able to mitigate strong emotions (often times just by being there—a talent, really).
Or in short: It’s all about the people. :slight_smile: