Uncollected Comics

Hi all,

I wanted to get a discussion going on “Uncollected” comics, that is comics that haven’t been grouped together into graphic novel editions. Examples off the top of my head include the TV Comic Doctor Who strips, the Titan backup strips and WeLoveTITANS, some of the DWM backup strips, “Monstrous Beauty”, and most of the DWM Thirteenth Doctor strips. Should these be collected? Will they ever be collected? And if so, when?

Like with all these things, they’d have to believe they would sell and have to own the rights. Lots of the TV comic stuff was reprinted in Classic Comics back in the Wilderness Years but I doubt we’ll see a collection (although I’d snap it up like a shot). I would imagine the 13th Doctor DWM stuff will get a collection though as they have done the rest of their strips.

I’m a little surprised we haven’t gotten that “Monstrous Beauty” collection given how fast they collected “Liberation of the Daleks”.

In their Patreon exclusive episodes, The Doctor’s Beard podcast has been going through the TV Comic strips (among other things) and one of the hosts was wondering if there was a book detailing the history of the TV Comic Doctor Who stories. I don’t think there is anything like that, but would think that a book (or multi-volume set) detailing the history and collecting the strips would probably sell fairly well seeing that it would appeal to both Doctor Who fans and british comic enthusiasts.

There was a series of articles in Classic Comics which listed all the TV Comic/Action/Countdown comic strips.

There’s also this…

which might be exactly what the podcast thinks would be a good idea…


Maybe. I’ll pass it on to them. Thanks.