Uh hello this thing on?

Hello, im uh…gemjax, im a who fan since roundabout 2011 but ive made my way bavkward forward and alloverward with this hyper fixation that never seems to die.

hoping to use tgis site MAINLY for logging. but im happy to meet yall!


Hi and welcome to TardisGuide. There seems to be an endless amount of Dr Who and spin-offs media.

Welcome. This is a great resource for logging. It would be nice if you also share your thoughts on your journey here on the forum. Especially recommend the audio, book, and TV clubs.

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Welcome to the site!

The site’s definitely great for logging. I went and marked all the episodes I’ve watched here (and the tools for bulk completing stories definitely helped there), and now it’s really easy to pull up what I haven’t watched!

(Think that’s about 20 serials at this point. Not to mention most of the audios and books and such…)


Welcome :smile: I love logging things, glad you do too! Hope to see you around on the forums as well!

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Welcome to the forum - logging things is fun (I do it for TV and film too) but hope to see you around the forum as well.

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On the subject of logging things, I recently read this and totally vibe with it:

I had a very similar journey where I started logging things because I was forgetting what I’d already seen or read, plus I liked stats.

I did get a bit obsessive where I logged everything I did - I would journal every day and say what I ate, where I went, who I saw, etc. it was all tagged in an app so I could easily see for example how often I drank red wine, saw a certain family member, or watched TV.

It produced an amazing treasure trove of stats but one day I stopped journaling all that stuff and I haven’t picked it up again since. Strange, I know!