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Apparently the AI did not appreciate a picture of a Navigator from David Lynch’s Dune :thinking: It got flagged

I’ve restored it - it does make me laugh what the AI flags up sometimes! Especially as it allowed that picture of the Pokemon!

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It looks very phallic. I wonder what the AI would think about The Creature from the Pit:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Phallic you say?
I’ll never be able to read Dune with a straight face again :grimacing::grin:

I don’t think it would like the shot of Tom getting intimate with it… :laughing:

Someone had to try posting this now… :sunglasses:

I’m afraid we might be veering slightly off topic here :grin:

Haha I was waiting for someone to post it, because if I did the AI wouldn’t stop me.

Looks like it passed! It’s just a bit of harmless fun.

Yes, we are very off topic. Errrr… Daleks! :dalek:

So what does everyone think of that cliffhanger?

Or the Vervoids.

I mean, yes and no. The First Doctor at the start was quite the misanthrope, so he couldn’t care less about Ian and Barbara. But with Susan, however…

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Arghh, now I am less excited to watch it tonight. The Barbara and Ganatus relationship is basically the best part of the entire serial. I am really of the opinion that the story fills out the 7 parts rather nicely, and all the “slow bits” and “padding” is essential to the greater story of Barbara and Ian’s realisation of what it means that they have been swept away in the TARDIS and what that entails. But watched as a standalone adventure I could see how it could drag on a bit and some of it could be edited out… But not the parts with Barbara and Ganatus! :grin:


When they open the dalek in the story it should have been a man on a bike.

I will give The Daleks props for introducing the monster that kept the show from becoming a forgotten, mostly wiped relic of the 60s (I kinda couple the way the Daleks took off and the invention of regeneration as the two big factors), as well as it’s work on continuing the character arcs of the leads. That said, Terry Nation is a mediocre writer at best who occasionally produces some good stuff. That said, it usually falls to actors, designers and script editors to actually make his Doctor Who memorable. Big shout out to Raymond Cusik for his design of the Daleks. I think this story is a little too long and a bit slow. Granted, I haven’t watched it in ages (don’t have time). Also, David Whitaker solves some of the issues in his novelization. The novelization, 60s Dalek comics and the two Troughton stories proved that Whitaker got the Daleks better than Nation ever did.

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Considering the existence of this serial in colour makes me want to claw my eyes out, I think I’ll just watch the original Black and White serial. It sucks because I am actually a fan of colouring 60s Who (Boo! Hiss! I know)

If I’m comparing this episode to other dalek episodes it’s about average, but as the first dalek episode I love it, especially the escape scene.

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I know you’ve all been waiting for a link to Delta’s patented Doctor Who wakelets for this story, so far be it from me to disappoint:

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With all this talk about the colourised Daleks it reminded me that an edited episode of the Daleks had already featured on Doctor Who Night in 1999. I remember watching it at the time and being completely flummoxed by the editing.

This video from David Gillespie-Pratt (well worth a ‘subscribe’ on Youtube) explains what happened.


Right, the kids are all asleep and I’ve got the big TV for myself.
A bit of cheese, some salt and vinegar crisps and a glass of beer - I am ready for:

The Daleks… In Colour :sunglasses:
(Think the title card from The Ambassadors… Of Death)


I love getting the TV to myself with a cup of tea, crisps, crackers and cheese and chocolate and sticking a Doctor Who on. Utter bliss.


I’m partial to popcorn, recently got a popcorn maker for the microwave. Hoovering down a big bowl full while watching Dr Who with a nice IPA. I tell myself popcorn is a healthier snack :popcorn:


I don’t want to be overly harsh on “The Daleks in Colour” they tried a very different approach to the story and it would probably be enjoyable if I hadn’t watched The Daleks so many times.


To cut down 7 25 minutes episodes into a 75 minute omnibus version did not work for me. There was too much cut to make a cohesive narrative, though there were interesting choices made in editing - like watching some of the scenes on the Dalek view screens.
The problems with the editing really became apparent with the escape montage, what a dog’s breakfast. After that the editing became too rushed.
But what really stuck out to me was the music and how it was used, it totally changed the atmospheric and eerie soundtrack that I so love and went Roger Moore James Bond movie style (at least that was what I was reminded off) - it ripped out the very essence of The Daleks. Also the sound mix was so inconsistent, any time any sort of action happened the sound would be increased to such a degree that it became jarring and overshadowed what happened onscreen.
And I agree with @deltaandthebannermen that the Thals were left without any shred of character.
Rant over :wink:

It wasn’t all bad. That montage of what to come in the future for the Doctor and their friends was glorious and the general colouring of this version was very in keeping with colour TV shows of the sixties.
I realise this just wasn’t for me and that’s ok, I still have the glorious original 7 part serial to keep going back to. :slightly_smiling_face: