TV Club: Dalek

I’d also recommend Toby Hadoke’s interview with Jana Carpenter who plays Di Maggio in the episode:

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The full deep dive Wakelet:

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I didn’t really remember much about this episode before I just rewatched it, so it obviously didn’t make much of an impression on me at the time it came out. I guess it just got overshadowed in my mind by later episodes in the season.

I haven’t (yet) listened to Jubilee so for me it stands alone at the moment.

It’s strange now to realise that this was the first time we really got a glimpse into the Time War, and the darker side of 9’s personality.

I did really enjoy it this time around, but if I had one criticism it would be that Rose never really owns the guilt of being the direct cause of the deaths of about 200 innocent people through her naive mistake.


Just rewatched it with my watch buddy in VR. Definitely one of the better episodes of the season. And my friend certainly called that out, after Aliens of London and World War Three, haha. It’s a perfect way to introduce Daleks to new audiences. Especially illustrated by the Doctor’s reaction. He’s scarier than the Dalek, the way his demeanor shifts.


I love this episode.

Yes it has its flaws. And yes it’s a bit of a rehash of some ideas.

But it introduces the Daleks to a new audience in an interesting way, makes them scary and a credible threat again, the Daleks aren’t a huge army and aren’t easily defeated, it is just so good.

I’ve said it before on here but this is the story that made me a Doctor Who fan. Before this, it was all a bit silly with farting aliens. But this story made me sit down, rewatch it, rewatch the whole series so far, and turned the show into appointment viewing while I was at university.

If it wasn’t for this episode, this website definitely wouldn’t exist :laughing:

So whilst not perfect, it has a massive impact. All the more for how this leads into the series finale, which I also loved!


In a word, fantastic! Probably my favourite episode featuring those pesky pepperpots. The set up of their appearance is great, & Eccleston is just firing on all cylinders here with a brilliant performance in every scene, that really sells how terrifying the Daleks are to new audiences. & how terrifying the Doctor can be - “Your race is dead! You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire. The entire Dalek race wiped out in one second…I watched it happen. I made it happen”. & then he tortures it (later being tortured himself). He goes through so many emotions in this one.

Eccletson he has said that his father was ill during filming & he took out his anger on the Dalek. That first appearance of the Dalek, so well directed. & when the inevitable happens we have a lethal alien killing machine doing what it does best against an unprepared human opponent. The interactions with Rose not jut between her & the Dalek but her & the Doctor - does she even really know this man? - another standout performance here from Billie, where not only the viewer but the Doctor sees a different side to the Daleks, a possibility of something more maybe? There’s a lot crammed into 45 minutes here but its all so well paced. Love it.


They do a great job here of escalating the obstacles the Dalek faces only to have him promptly plow right through them like they are nothing. An impeccable show of their strength the franchise desperately needs more examples of.