Tropes: The Doctor Falls

For my own amusement I’m hoping to collate stories for a trope named “The Doctor Falls”, where we catalogue every time the Doctor takes a trip, dive, fall, plummet, unexpected detour downwards, etc.

These will range in severity from “he lands flat on his face” to “he regenerates” (although his fatal fall was definitely not his worst, thinking about The End of Time and The Woman Who Fell To Earth).

I plan to dig through transcripts etc at some point, but figured I’d start by soliciting contributions!


His fatal falls, I’d assume, since both the 4th and 6th Doctor regenerated because of falling?

Meanwhile, the 13th Doctor fell after regenerating…

Actually, the first thing we see of the 3rd Doctor is him falling out of the Tardis, too.

Edit: And the seventh Doctor fell after being gunned down in the movie.

Further Edit: Everyone falls right at the start of Edge of Destruction. The Doctor rather comically, honestly.

Also, the first Doctor fell to the ground in the Tardis right before regenerating… in two different episodes.

(And the 5th Doctor fell when succumbing to poison.)

In the Chase, episode 5, when the Doctor was fighting the Doctor, the Doctor fell.

The Doctor falls while fighting the Doctor in Enemy of the World 6? Well, fighting Salamander. Same thing. Salamander also falls out of the Tardis, rather permanently.

The Doctor falls when the Doctor shoots him, in Arc of Infinity 2. Well, okay, Colin wasn’t the Doctor yet.

(Honestly, I’m feeling like there’s a trend here…)


Starting a new comment, since I feel like I already edited the last one enough.

In Time and the Rani 1, the Doctor throws himself to the floor at one point, and later gets knocked to the floor when shot.

The Doctor also falls at the end of Robot 2, when hit by the robot.

And Pyramid of Mars 2, when the sarcophagus he’s standing in front of goes technicolor.

In Face of Evil 3, the Doctor falls to the ground while three Doctors on monitors in front of him scream “No!” followed by “Who am I?”. (Such a great serial…)

I remember that 13 and Yaz fall onto the TARDIS floor at the end of the underwater scene in LOTSD

Could the end of The War Games, as Two is sent into exile by the Time Lords, also count as falling? He is technically falling through the time vortex.

Glad someone likes tropes as much as me!

The Doctor and Yaz fall into the TARDIS and land on a makeshift double bed :eyes: in The Halloween Apocalypse.

The Tenth Doctor falls through the Library in The Forest of the Dead.

The Eleventh Doctor falls and is hanging onto the TARDIS in: The Eleventh Hour, and Day of the Doctor.

The Twelfth Doctor falls during his regeneration speech in Twice Upon a Time and that’s also the same story where Thirteen falls after regenerating.


Can’t believe I didn’t immediately think of the mattress scene they’re so iconic for that

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So, um, there’s an episode where the Doctor is attacked by Cybermen and falls. Named “The Doctor Falls”. :cyberman:

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In “Fear Her”, an abusive husband punches the Doctor and he falls. Rose, naturally, encourages his son to stay in touch with him anyways, because we all need more toxic people in our life.

In “The Star Beast”, the Doctor gets clubbed in the back of the head and falls.

Cassandra!Rose sprays perfume in the Doctor’s face and he falls in “New Earth”. The Doctor also falls down a long shaft, but he’s attached to a cable, so it’s fine.

The Doctor jumps down from a vehicle occupied by a catman, his wife, and their kittens down to the roof of another vehicle in “Gridlock”. (And jumped between vehicles to get there.)

“Partners In Crime”, the Doctor is in a cage at the top of a building when it gets soniced and starts falling. He also hurtles himself through at least one window.

(The fourth doctor made other people fall with his scarf, but I can’t remember if he tripped on it himself at any point…)

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Welcome to the forum ineffyble! I should imagine this trope will create be a very long list!

Curse of Peladon 3: The Doctor gets knocked to the ground in combat with the King’s Champion!

Also, Mind Robber 1, he’s floating around turning in space, so presumably falling?

He trips in Claws of Axos

The doctor is basically a action hero at this point… Its very entertaining at times

I came across a compilation of the fifth Doctor falling over a while back. So clearly it happens in a lot of his episodes, though I can’t say which ones all those clips are from off the top of my head.


In The Greatest Show in the Galaxy he takes a real tumble as a result of the weird family with psychic powers.

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I was about to share this myself! lol, it’s delightful isn’t it?