'Transit', 'The Highest Science' & 'The Pit' REVIEWED!

Following Ace’s sudden departure at the end of ‘Love & War’, we were treated to three stories where it was just the Doctor and Benny.

These should have been used to help us get to know our new companion. Shame then that only one of these was any good!

How not to write a Cyberpunk novel; militaristic turtles; and whatever Neil Penswick attempted to write in ‘The Pit’.

Yeah… not very positive about two of these!


‘The Highest Science’

‘The Pit’


I know people hate The Pit but I remember genuinely enjoying it back in the day.


I feel like I need to reread Transit because everybody acts like its the most deplorable thing in the universe and I really don’t remember it being that bad.

I’m so alone on this opinion that I feel like I’m going insane.

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It wasn’t just the deplorable parts that made me give it such a low rating. It was the fact the prose itself was just so incredibly dry.

My absolute favourite thing when reading a book is world-building. My interest in a book hinges entirely on whether or not I feel immersed, and if the world being constructed on the page can capture my interest.

Personally, I feel like ‘Transit’ has the weakest world-building of the three Cyberpunk DW books I’ve read;

  • ‘Warhead’ had that scene where the Doctor and Ace come across a burnt out McDonalds which is described as a modern church with the graffiti used as stained glass windows. It’s one of many images from that story that stuck with me.

  • ‘Burning Heart’ is the undisputed king when it comes to an immersive Cyberpunk locale. The Habitat is such a melting pot of different cultures and species, and it feels truly alive.

‘Transit’ was only ever doing one of two things. Grossing me out during the deplorable bits, or boring me to tears because of the idiotic glossary.

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