Tracking the Main Range for just a single Doctor

We are listening to the Big Finish Main Range in order of release, but some people like to listen to one Doctor in particular - and Big Finish even sell bundles like that as well.

@glass_shard asked me on the Discord if it was possible to track the Main Range on the website for just a single Doctor - in their case it was the Eighth Doctor.

Well, a bit of tinkering later and I’ve created sets for each Doctor that you can opt-in to, and it will track your progress of just those stories on the homepage.

The actual sets page is still a bit of a mess (so much to do!!) but will eventually be tidied up and easy to find stuff. I’m also getting images for each set from @YoungCodger which is fun.

But for now, here they are!

Fifth Doctor Main RangeSixth Doctor Main RangeSeventh Doctor Main RangeEighth Doctor Main Range


Ooh great idea! When I first got into BF, I just followed the Six and Eight strands of the MR so I’m sure lots of people will get use out of this :blush:


Just need to make it more discoverable…

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I’ve set it to track the 5th Doctor stories but it isn’t showing on my home page as one of my tracked sets.

Hmm, could be because you are also tracking the Main Range and you’re on a Fifth Doctor story next? If so, it will only show the same story once in the list.

I’m not tracking the overall Main Range because I’ve jumped around too much.

Not sure what you did wrong but you weren’t tracking it! You are now.

That’s weird - I definitely clicked on ‘track it’ (or whatever is says).

Wonderful stuff. I need to track my lad 5!

A feature I didn’t know I needed! This is helpful since I’m currently listening to all the Eighth Doctor audios and I’m still on the Main Range. Thanks!


oh this is a great feature!!! exactly what ive needed im gonna make good use of this :]

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Glad to hear it’s useful!

Let me know if there are any other sets I can add!

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Maybe specific Doctor/companion runs? Like say all the Six/Evelyn stories or Seven/Ace/Hex. Similar to what you did with Eleven/Valerie.