Torchwood Magazine

Thanks to @JayPea we now have Torchwood Magazine on the site!

I didn’t even know this was a thing! Did any of you collect these? What did you think?

We will of course eventually add the comics stories that were published in those onto the site :tada:


I do have a few of these somewhere but not sure where.


I’m binging through the fiction and comics them at the moment, but PDF copies I found on the TW subreddit. I remember seeing some arround back in the day, but I would’ve been like 9 when it got cancelled so wasn’t watching, let alone reading

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Also if anyone’s got either yearbook and the ability to scan the front cover, please do, the pictures on the site are the highest quality I could find and they’re not great

Hey I was just reading these. What a strange publication. I love the ads in them, I love the idea of someone being excited to get their monthly issue of CSI magazine. I suppose DWM isn’t different but… feels different.


I have 1 of these!!


Looking forward to having Doctor Who Magazine on here - I have every issue since 2007 ready to be logged. :sweat_smile:


Wow that’s a lot of Magazines!! Where do you keep them all?

DWM will be added to the site, it’s a work in progress!



My wife sensibly bought this piece of furniture, in part to hide my magazines, but also to hold my spillover records.


You call that a lot - I have every issue from 199-something.


I don’t have any issues of Torchwood Magazine yet sadly, but I do have quite few of Doctor Who Magazine c: Looking forward to those being added, and glad Torchwood has been!


Hats off to you! I don’t think I’ll get away with adding to my back issues…! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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As part of my recent 13 collecting urge I’ve been really tempted to try to get all the DWM issues from her run, but probably won’t ever actually commit to that for the sake of my budget. Definitely getting her last one though at some point because I love the cover and wanna hang it up


Me too. No idea if I have them all or gave up partway TBH - I certainly have the early ones somewhere

I’ve finishd Torchwood Magazine!

…ish, I’ve just read the fiction in it, and not read the yearbook yet, but read all of them from the main mag

Just got the yearbook, some comics, and the books to go, and then I’ve straight up completed torchwood

Edit: Also Missing Molly, haven’t gotten round to listening to that yet