Torchwood Books

Hello all, how are the Torchwood books? I never read any when I was younger but am considering reading them now, but have never really heard anyone say anything about them so am curious if anyone could share any thoughts?


I haven’t read them yet (got a few arriving this week), but them and the audiobooks are the last couple things I’ve got left before finishing torchwood


I have read the first two - Another Life and Border Princes and both are pretty good. Spoilery reviews:


I read two and really liked them.

Almost Perfect is almost perfect - it’s really fun, all the characterisations are great, there’s horror and sex and body/gender swap. Unfortunately there’s also a ton of misogyny. I’ve never seen a book be so progressive about trans issues while being so terrible about women.

The Twilight Streets is a really solid story. It has some interesting concepts and some fun bits and is an engaging read start to finish. While I personally liked it less than Almost Perfect I definitely have an easier time recommending Twilight Streets.


I picked up all the Torchwood books in a binge about 5 years ago. Generally speaking I really liked the line. Sometimes it gets a bit too gory for my tastes, but on the whole I really enjoyed the line.