Torchwood Audio Appreciation Thread

Ok ok ok… having just listened to The Death of Captain Jack… my dawg. That was the maddest, stupidest, insane audio I’ve heard. I loved it. It’s sooooo good by just how much it doesn’t give a damn.


It’s terrible but it’s so fun! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I love it too.


Okay Missing Molly and Disco have made me completely re-evaluate my stance on Gareth David-Lloyd as a writer

Blind Summit and Retirement Plan I don’t really remember at all (honestly I really do just need to go back and relisten to TW1). Shrouded (his comic) is meh, mostly forgettable, nothing to write home about. The Last Beacon, Dinner and a Show, and Tube Strike showed me he really gets Ianto’s relationships with other members of the team/s (well, duh), but didn’t really have anything much else that stood out to me.

Missing Molly and Disco however are genuinely just incredible and incredibly heartbreaking stories, and show it’s not just Ianto’s renationships with other characters he gets, it’s character drama in general. 9/10 for the both, 100% reccomend them

Honestly would love to listen to a Gareth penned script that’s not about Ianto at all, very unlikely to happen, but these are possibly my favourite character drama focused stories in the TWMR, and I just need more of it.


At the very least give me a Gareth penned Ianto/Andy script, that could be really fun


Also just realised we haven’t had an Owen story in over 3 years now

Last Jack story (not including Tropical Beach Sounds) was Expectant (lol) in 2019, but with good reason for that

Ianto just had the three, got a new Tosh one soon, and Gwen’s last (again not including Tropical Beach Sounds) was Dissected in 2020, but she was at least in Among Us last year

Owen’s just sort of gotten nothing in ages


Yeah the Torchwood team is really dwindling now, which is expected really so far away from the TV show. The actors have other things to do.

I would love a totally rebooted, rethought Torchwood TV show that could revitalise the audios as well. They could bring back certain characters (the few left alive) from the TV show and even from the audios, but importantly have a fresh new cast which could then deliver new audios going forward.

I very much doubt it would happen, but we can dream!

I’m looking forward to those Ianto stories now, thank you. Not sure when I’ll get around to them though.


That does sound really fun. I’m still waiting on a GDL penned Ianto and John Hart audio. I think it would be extremely good, but I know it’s very unlikely to happen. Still, gotta have hope!


John Hart is in Shrouded if you want a taste of Gareth’s Hart

it is the first thing he wrote for torchwood, is fairly short, and John Hart is a side character though

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I know, I read it, and I liked it. It also canonised woman John Hart, which is part of the reason I’d love more of GDL’s John. His own relationship with gender is fascinating to me.

Obviously I just want more John Hart in general, having consumed everything he’s in already. He’s my favourite side character.


The Torchwood audios are hardly ever below par; they maintain a fantastic baseline standard. There’s a lot I haven’t heard, but plenty I would recommend, including pretty much anything with Ianto (I might be a little biased :blush: ). My top TW audios, including BBC ones:

  1. Fall to Earth (this is actually in my top ten Whoniverse audios, out of almost 1000 ranked)
  2. Less Majesty
  3. Asylum (BBC)
  4. New Girl
  5. Believe
  6. Coffee
  7. Retirement Plan
  8. The Last Beacon
  9. My Guest Tonight
  10. Goodbye Piccadilly
  11. The Rockery
  12. Instant Karma
  13. One Rule
  14. 9 to 5
  15. Golden Age (BBC)
  16. Broken

Theres a lot of overlap with previous recommendations, I see.

The only ones I rate particularly low are The Conspiracy, Through the Ruins, and The Victorian Age (from BF) and The Dead Line and Submission (from BBC). Oh, and Corpse Day, but only because it exceeded my ick factor, not because it’s not well done.


Asylum and Golden Age above The House of The Dead?


For me, yes.


Thanks to everyone who recommended I take a listen to the Torchwood audio series. My copies of; “The Conspiracy”, “Fall to Earth” and “Forgotten Lives” have all arrived this morning. Struck by how small the casts are, especially for “Fall to Earth”. I’m intrigued. I often find that very small casts lead to highly focused and innovative storytelling that draws me in.

That aside, I’m so looking forward to reacquainting myself with the Torchwood gang and their adventures. It feels like 2006-2011 all over again. Weirdly, I feel like I’m going to be meeting up with old friends that I haven’t seen in waaay too long!


The Torchwood Main Range audios do tend to have pretty small cast, which I personally find a lot easier to enjoy, as I’m not constantly thinking about who’s who and what’s what.


Listened to The Conspiracy this morning. I enjoyed and will jot down my thoughts more constructively when I have a moment.


And, this morning, listened to Fall to Earth.

WOW! That was a bit special. A top notch performance from Gareth David-Loydd and a really nicely written two hander (excusing the minor contribution of a certain billionaire. Things really changed up a gear in the final quarter, too, with some nice deft scriptwriting. An episode that made full use of the audio format.

Thankyou to everyone who recommended these! Loving the ride so far!


Glad to hear you’re enjoying them!!!


Very much! I need to get round to writing reviews for these whilst they’re fresh in my mind. Some real quality, and I’m only just getting started. :grin:


I’ve actually just updated a bunch of my old Torchwood Monthly reviews from the other site and transferred them over here.

Loads of amazing stories in the range, including some rather experimental stuff like ‘Cascade’.

#001. The Conspiracy

#002. Fall to Earth

#003. Forgotten Lives

#016. torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor

#020. The Last Beacon

#029. Serenity

#037. Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4