“Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 2” by Christopher Cooper, Mac Rogers, Jay Harley and Tim Foley - REVIEW

The Story Continues is an idea I adore. More series of Torchwood but delivered by the unbelievably capable Big FInish is an absolute no brainer. Aliens Among Us 1 wasn’t the introduction to this series I wanted, it felt pretty lackluster and only one story really stood out to me, that being the final one - Superiority Complex. However, I am pleased to say that Aliens Among Us 2 is a lot better, with three stellar stories and one confusing but lovable mess.

Any thoughts on Aliens Among Us 2?

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2.1: Love Rat by Christopher Cooper
Like a less egregiously bad Day One, Love Rat is a messy chase around Cardiff with Jack, Gwen and Tyler trying to rid themselves of an alien STD. An utter mess but genuinely quite fun - 6/10

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us #2.1 - “Love Rat” by Christopher Cooper

2.2: A Kill to a View by Mac Rogers
The always creepy Bilis Manger is back for an intimate look into Mr. Colchester’s personal life with great characters, great concepts and the reintroduction of an all time villain, who doesn’t get as much screen time as he should - 9/10

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us #2.2 - “A Kill to a View” by Mac Rogers

2.3: Zero Hour by Jay Harley
Some much needed characterisation on Tyler set alongside the backdrop of an even worse version of Amazon and a surprise performance from Sacha Dawan - 8/10

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us #2.3 - “Zero Hour” by Jay Harley

2.4: The Empty Hand by Tim Foley
Foley’s debut is a ridiculously harrowing story about police brutality and government conspiracy that puts beloved character Andy Davison through hell and back - 9/10

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us #2.4 - “The Empty Hand” by Tim Foley


This might just be me, but ‘A Kill to a View’ honestly reminded me of a personal favouite Seventh Doctor audio.

Both of them feel very much like “Imagine if we made ‘Paradise Towers’ a psychological horror piece?”


Oooh, I’ve heard great things about Red. I’m focusing on the Torchwood Monthly Audios right now but I might pick it up at some point, it’s cheap after all.


It’s absolutely fantastic. Incredibly twisted, but so good!