Torchood episode idea (perhaps bigfinish)

bins come alive and have a existensal crisis
I think It would be a fun thing that is out of left field and could have dark themes also
it could explore bin love, Prejudice from humans and other themes and end with someone “saving the day” killing thinking lifeforms - shower thoughts

… Bin love? :thinking:

Similar to the skit in army of ghosts NOT a NSFW thing
“Yes he’s a bin but he’s a person 2 and I love him” idk I think its a cool concept of how humanity would react as opposed to hey what if bins came alive and it was funny

Was this inspired by the burping bin in Rose?

no it was actualy was inspired while looking at a skit where daleks were metal dustbins and I had that Idea but the burping bin is something that would be activley avoided in my story but the one in rose was funny