Top 3 Stories From The 'Fifth Doctor Adventures'

  • ‘Psychodrome’
  • ‘Iterations of I’
  • ‘The Garden of Storms’
  • ‘The Moonrakers’
  • ‘The People Made of Smoke’
  • ‘The Lost Resort’
  • ‘The Perills of Nellie Bly’
  • ‘Nightmare of the Daleks’
  • ‘Secrets of Telos’
  • ‘God of War’
  • ‘The Auton Infinity’
  • ‘Friendly Fire’
  • ‘The Edge of War’
  • ‘Pursuit of the Nightjar’
  • ‘Resistor’
  • ‘The Merfolk Murders’
  • ‘Dream Team’
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I voted for my three because they’re the only three i actually remember, I really should get around to listening to the rest of the boxsets. I hear they’re quite good

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