Toby Hadoke's Time Travels

Does anyone else listen to Toby Hadoke’s excellent podcast?

For the new series, he is releasing some podcasts reflecting on an aspect of each new episode but not in a ‘review’ style because, as he says, there are plenty of those about.

The first one springboarding off Space Babies should, frankly, be required listening for any fans who kneejerk reacts to a new series as ‘not being Doctor Who anymore’!

And his second one is about music in Doctor Who springing from The Devil’s Chord.

I’m eagerly awaiting to see what Boom! has made him reflect on.


I’ve listened to a couple of episodes of these, but I’ve not had the time to delve into them properly. I really liked the ones I heard, however. I have so many other podcasts I listen to, that I never have the extra time to listen to these additional ones.

Thanks for the tip, though! I’ll try to find the time to check these new episodes out, as they sound interesting!

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Toby’s podcasts following on from Boom and 73 Yards are now up. Definitely worth a listen.


I cannot recommend this Hadoke podcast enough - a fascinating and balanced take on what happens when we dislike an aspect of Doctor Who.

Every single fan of the show needs to listen to this and reflect on how they approach their reaction to new episodes: