This Town Will Never Let Us Go

Just finished this book – found it a super engaging read with lots of interesting concepts, right up until the blunt cynicism at the end that just became tiring very quickly. Loved the depiction of the TARDIS though. Still thinking through what to rate it but I’ll probably give it a conflicted 3 or 3.5.

Been looking up reviews and it seems consensus is divided – I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts!


It’s been a while since I read it, but I remember my thoughts being similar—loving the ideas and the story, but feeling quite resistant to the cynical edge of it all. I do prefer my stories, even those in the more dark and gnarly Faction universe, to have at least a touch of hope at the end! But it’s certainly a book I’m hoping to reread at some point.

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I didn’t expect reviews to go up so soon when I made this post, what convenient timing! Here’s my lengthier review of the book:

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I pretty much agree – it would’ve been one thing if it was a commentary on post-9/11 society in general, but Miles going out of his way to say that culture was basically fucked forever (which also comes up in the Book of the War) killed any goodwill I had for the messaging. I don’t tend to be the fanfiction type, but I’m half-tempted to make a fix-it fic for Tiffany’s arc…

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