Things that go bump in the night

A time-honoured part of Doctor Who is getting viewers to hide behind the sofa.

From Daleks, Cybermen/women, Weeping Angels, Vampires (both regular and sexy fish kind) and Monsters of any variety.

What has scared you most in the Whoooooniverse :ghost:?
Which creatures and which stories?

For me I would say the story that frightened me the most is Torchwood’s Countrycide.

Nothing more scary than humans, and murderous cannibals at that. That fridge filled with body parts … There’s a reason why I don’t enjoy gory horror films - that took a long time to get out of my head

Honourable mention to the 456 from Children of Earth - their endgame was unbelievable unnerving.


I agree 100% on the 456. They were so creepy.

My husband is still terrified of The Weeping Angels. We passed some statues yesterday (photo below) in Italy and he jumped out of his skin thinking it was some Angels in the bushes :joy:


The scariest the Whoniverse has ever got for me is Children of Earth. The ‘choices’ made by the government in that story are chilling (and all too believable, particularly by the current regime!).

For Doctor Who itself, the Peg Dolls got me a bit, but I rarely ever find Doctor Who to actually be proper scary but I think that’s because I’m desensitised to it a bit. My eldest wouldn’t even go near a Weeping Angel episode (and still hasn’t) and we had to skip that bit of Time Fracture.

The VR and non VR versions of the Weeping Angel level in Edge of Reality (or whatever the game is called) - those are proper brown pants iinducing.


Countrycide scared me so much I don’t think I can ever watch it again! A good story but for too much for me.

I used to be kind of scared of the Trickster when I was younger, because the idea of time changing due to one simple act is one that really gets me - Turn Left scared and fascinated me for this reason too. And I guess Turn Left is indirectly the Trickster’s fault too lol

Also the Silence really scare me. The UNIT:Silenced boxset freaked me out a lot, more so than the TV - it’s the idea of memory and manipulation that gets me there. I suppose both my answers here are similar, it’s monsters that play with memory and choices that affect me


Just going to give props to Midnight, and to Wild Blue Yonder, though I’m sure there are others…


Oh yes, Midnight is scary but, for me, in a gripping, tense, white-knuckle way rather than a hide behind a cushion way.


One reason I’d love an adult-oriented spin off again is to have proper really scary monsters - but I’m a big horror fan :grin:


It’s the one thing (one thing he pretends) that my wife and I don’t have in common - she hates horror films. I’m not massively into them but I adore the Scream franchise and occasionally dip my toes into the genre elsewhere (although anything torturey or gory rarely gets a view).

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Scherzo is the story that terrified me the most. The combination of isolation, sensory deprivation AND overstimulation just got to me!


There isn’t any episode of Doctor Who that is properly scary to me. Silence in the Library was definitely unsettling as a kid, though.


When the Arn is operated out of Miss Quill’s eye while awake in The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did… That was real scary splatter-gore - I got chills, and not in a good way :grimacing:


I don’t even remember that. Maybe I need to rewatch Class.

But then maybe I need to complete the torture of K9 before subjecting myself to another subpar Who spin off…

The line about what the school league tables are for might just be the most chilling line in the Whoniverse because of how believable it is


Basically it’s the only story of Class I genuinely enjoy - probably because of the lack of the angsty teens and an extra portion of Miss Quill :grin:


I prefer where human nature is the scary thing. We are vile creatures.

Countryside was F’d up. Enjoyed that.

The Rescue with Bennett & Koquillion


Yeah 100% agreed

Children of earth isn’t scary because of the 456 (well, partly because of them), it’s scary because of the horrifyingly realistic human response

Speaking of Torchwood stories with terrifying humans, also throwing Corpse Day and The Hope into that catagory


Off the top of my head, the story that scared me the most, both with subtle horror and just some gruesome scenes was Cuckoos from Torchwood: Among Us. Any Bilis story is gold, but that one made him just so sinister, and the fates of the characters in that are all horrifying.

Also shoutouts to Cascade and Relaxing Beach Sounds for using the format to their advantage, not fully horror, but at the very least using those formats to put you on edge.

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I’ve never lived in a house big enough for there to be room enough to hide behind the sofa. That said, I think the Krynoid from Seeds of Doom terrified me most. I agree with the human response to the 456, too. Also I found the climax to that story devastating. I think Midnight played with very similar vibes. People up against it can be territying.


Oh, I forgot about the Hope! That one almost rivals Scherzo for me. It’s something else.

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I suppose having a creature design team that is unable to ascertain when to stop adding phallic protuberances to a brainy Monoid is pretty scary in itself…