The Whoniverse Spin Offs

Inspired by the latest elimination game, I wondered what people think we might be getting for the rumoured spin offs and also what you would like to see.

As I understand it, the two most heavily rumoured shows are a UNIT series and a Sea Devils one.

What do people think?


I just hope they do it as an isolated thing. The last thing we would need are a Marvel situation where you have to folow diffrent things to understand what is happening.


UNIT did seem pretty likely to me. They had that whole new UNIT set in the Giggle, were setting up characters, with new characters like the Vlinx, and it’d be quite a waste to only have Shirley Anne Bingham in two episodes. And Mel already working at UNIT with Donna being offered a job?

They even have a Doctor for the UNIT spinoff if they want to use him, and we had those companion meetings.

Of course, I’m not really sure who would look at the most recent Sea Devil episode and say “that needs a spinoff”.

I’d personally like a Bill Potts spinoff. There was definitely room for Clara and Jenny spinoffs, too, IIRC, though I’d be less interested in those.

If things had gone a little differently with the Sarah Jane Adventures, we could’ve had an Ace spinoff…


I would LOVE an Ace and Tegan spinoff, that would be so fun. And I agree that a UNIT spinoff seems pretty likely, though I would be pretty interested in what they would actually do with it (and not so interested in the personal headache I’d get trying to make it make sense with the BF series :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I also wouldn’t be surprised if something with River is in the works… after all, DoRS did seem to end quite abruptly…

As for less likely spinoffs, I’d love if Rani could come back somehow, or if we finally FINALLY got Paul McGann on screen for a real episode. But I also agree that DW does not need to be more complicated - spinoffs are fun but they shouldn’t be required reading for the main show


At this point, I’m kinda hoping they work Ace and Tegan into the UNIT spinoff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ace almost appeared on the SJA. Plans were in the works, but then Elisabeth Sladen passed away…

More 8th Doctor in spinoffs would be fun.

And I totally forgot that I’d previously thought about a Fugitive Doctor spinoff. You could do some fun things like having the Doctor on the run and the Master showing up at a point when they were still friends, for example. I’d personally kinda format it like the Prisoner. The Fugitive Doctor gets mad at the Division and quits right at the start…

Edit: A Fugitive Doctor spinoff would be a good place for the Rani, too.


I know my eldest would love a Further Adventures of Karvanista, Vinder and Bel series - and I wouldn’t be adverse to that myself.

A UNIT spin off wouldn’t be top of my list to be honest. I think I’d like to see something more contained like Big Finish’s I, Davros - something examining a villain in a more focussed light. Not sure which villain though - definitely not the Master.


Oh wow, anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge River Song fan and now you’ve given me very high hopes! A River Song spin-off would be incredible. They could even make TV versions of many of the audios they already have. And it would be a great way to have other characters like Ace and Eighth, because River could meet them all. I need this in my life!!

But also, yeah definitely UNIT is a contender, although it needs to be better than just a monster-of-the-week tamed down version of Torchwood. And you have the issue of wondering why the Doctor doesn’t come help every week (although I know you could get that with most spin offs).

I’m intrigued by the Sea Devils thing because it’s so out of left field. It could be anything.

I think there is the scope to have loads of different genres, just set in the Whoniverse, kind of like Marvel have tried to do with She-Hulk.

  • Gallifreyan courtroom drama?
  • A police procedural show called Time Agents, armed with Vortex Manipulators and Squareness Guns?
  • A sitcom about five best friends living in an apartment in New New York? (they are cat-people)
  • A murder mystery with Melody Malone?
  • A show about the Time War?

I’d just love anything as long as it’s Who, and I am 100% on board with all the stories mixing together and the characters appearing in the main show, afterall Journey’s End was our Infinity Wars!


not to be utterly predictable, but Narvin TV debut!? :rofl:

the other ideas are super interesting, though, it would be really cool to explore one off places or ideas that seemed like they could have been much bigger than a single episode - The Rings of Akhaten would be another awesome world to set something in


Less twerking please :+1:

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Honestly, Trial of a Timelord with a different Timelord every week could be fun.

“So, you are the Meddling Monk, and it says here you are charged with… meddling?”


How about a “Crocodile Hunter” type show with a Timelord that goes over all of time and space locating dangerous monsters and villains and showing them off and telling you how dangerous they are?


My pitch for a while has been an anthology, where each season tells the story of a major historical event within the whoniverse, like Earth’s official first contact with alien life, or the start of the Kaled/Thal war, or the last days of the Silurian empire. Maybe sometimes you can even have the Doctor show up (not necessarily the current one, and not very often, and not for more than one episode, and definitely not in the first season). Maybe these characters can then turn up in the main show.

I’d also love an Unbound series on TV. If we’re being really self-indulgent, I have a pitch/outline for 6 volumes of an Unbound series for Big Finish, that’s basically “What if Clara left 12 to travel with Missy?”, and I think that might be cool to do onscreen


Ok now I’m intrigued: why would Clara travel with Missy after the way she treated her?

As Clara’s thrill seeking adreneline-junkie streak continues to develop, travel with the doctor starts to feel too safe. He has a duty of care. He won’t let Clara deliberately put her life in danger. Missy actively encourages it.


I agree. I hope its more like the Star Trek tv shows, you don’t gave to watch them all & there’s little crossover.


The Sea Devil spin-off could potentially go either way, and I think it all depends on who RTD hires as writers.

Almost every story featuring the Silurian’s sea-faring cousins has been pretty shoddy, except for their debut. The minute rumours started floating about them getting a spin-off I was just filled with worry.

Even BigFinish have failed to do a decent Sea Devil outing; the Ninth Doctor episode was really bland, and the Bernice Summerfield one… atrocious!

Honestly hope - if the spin-off does get made - it’ll have writers who really understand what makes the Sea Devils tick.


Being a bit cynical, it’s always been in the back of my mind that the Sea Devils spinoff would probably be specifically a spinoff of Legend of the Sea Devils, run by Chris Chibnall. Just speculation, though, and it could be good if done right.


They should do this but make it a spinoff of the lesbian parts instead of the sea devil parts


Depending on how you read the word ‘parts’ this sentence could mean the spin off was also linked with BBV’s Zygon…