The Underwater Menace animation

So, I’ve watched two episodes of this but before I watched the second episode, I watched the existing original.

So when watching the animation I noticed the differences quite keenly - I liked the expanded sets (especially the mines which seemed far more convincing than the tiny corner of the studio they seemed to use for the real thing) and the different depiction of the Atlanteans (an attempt to make them seem otherworldy beyond bushy eyebrows).

They even make a pretty good stab at reflecting Troughton’s performance.

But I did notice two moments which seemed like actual errors. There is a bit in one of the scenes where the Doctor is working out Zaroff’s plan for Atlantis where in the original I’m pretty sure the Doctor claps his hands and says BANG! which Zaroff then echoes and continues. In the animation, all the bangs come from Zaroff.

Also I’m pretty sure there is a bit where Ramo is animated to say something the Doctor is actually saying in the original. I know I’ve seen a clip where I think Jamie and Ben have their lines switched in the animation but are there any other examples of the animations not quite actually getting it right?


I’m currently watching this serial. I’ve found that it’s easier to stay ‘in’ a story if I watch all of it animated, then if there are any surviving episodes, watch them. The internal consistency of design flows better.

I love the expanded sets and more elaborate designs. It matches the version that a lot of people have in their heads, and doesn’t get diluted by budget restraints. It also makes it easier to justify a ‘prestige’ release.

Some changes/errors do annoy me but, as long as it’s minor, I give it a pass. The budgets for these projects are tiny, and errors are going to happen.