The Seventh Doctor & Mel REVIEWED!

I’ve spent the past couple of days updating my Seventh Doctor & Mel reviews from the other site, and they’re now available to read here on TARDIS Guide!

There are some excellent stories here, including my all-time favourite Seventh Doctor outing.

There are also some real stinkers… like THAT Eurovision parody which made me want to burn my own headphones!

#1.01. Bad Day in Tinseltown

#1.02. The Ribos Inheritance

#012. The Fires of Vulcan

#039. Bang-Bang-a-Boom!

#046. Flip-Flop

#070. Unregenerate!

#085. Red

#201. We are the Daleks

#202. The Warehouse

#203. Terror of the Sontarans


Clearly they have released two veeeery different versions of Bang-Bang-A-Boom! I cannot recognise that story from your review :wink:

I would say that it is a guilty pleasure of mine, but sod that I do not feel guilty about enjoying it in the slightest :grin::wink:


That’s fair. I know there are a lot of people who adore the episode, but I do think any time a writers attemps to do something comedic, it’s going to be really divisive.

Personally, I just couldn’t abide it. Especially when compared with the previous Hickman/Roberts comedy outing.

Glad you enjoy it though.


Yeah comedy hits different for people.
In your review you also praise Paul Margs for the absurdity in his writing where his writing really tend to get on my nerves (The Enter: Wildthyme and Wildthyme Beyond! duology was almost painful for me to get through, took me almost half a year to get through those two books because I kept getting distracted by other books. And it infuriated me to no end that every single line the poet utters in those books end with murmur murmur :grimacing: Sorry for the rant :wink:)


I can’t really work out from your review if you like Bang Bang a Boom or not…


I don’t think it’s as good as they’re other script and I certainly think I found it less entertaining than others did at the time but I don’t think its irredeemable.


I think the ‘Iris Wildthyme’ spin-off range can be a little bit incoherent, and like listening to someone drunk on Absinthe telling you stories at a wedding reception.

But the stories featuring her in the Main Range have made me cry with laughter. Especially ‘Muse of Fire’ and ‘The Wormery’.