The Seventh Doctor & Ace REVIEWED!

I’ve updated all my reviews featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace from the other site, and transferred them over to TARDIS Guide this morning.

There are some truly fantastic adventures in this run;

A political romp that’s still relevant two decades after its release.

Doctor Who VS The Wolfenstein Paradox.

Experiments at a military field hospital.

And one of the greatest pure historical adventures!

Truly some of the best outings the Seventh Doctor recieved, and they only got better when Mr Hex arrived!

#005. The Fearmonger

#007. The Genocide Machine

#021. Dust Breeding

#025. Colditz

#036. The Rapture

#058. The Harvest

#067. Dreamtime

#074. LIVE 34

#079. Night Thoughts

#082. The Settling

#089. No Man’s Land