The New Opening Title Sequence (Space Babies)

When the 60th specials had their new opening title sequence (60th Special and Church on Ruby Road title sequence) I loved certain parts of it but there were elements I did not like:

  • The song starts too quickly without the intro noise
  • The quick zoom in bit was jarring and weird.
  • The logo spinning in looked like a PowerPoint Presentation, in the worst way

I spotted this had changed when I watched Space Babies (new Title Sequence), and @RassilonianLegate helpfully linked to this video in the chat which shows them side-by-side:

What do you think? Personally I think they listened to feedback and fixed every problem I had, and now I absolutely love it!

The only slightly less than perfect bit is now the music doesn’t line up when Millie Gibson’s name is revealed, and that bugs me (you can only tell when you watch it on its own).

What do you think of the new sequence? And how beautiful is this!!!:

Screenshot of the galaxy from the title sequence


I hadn’t noticed the changes - but had noticed people saying there were changes but looking at that video, I agree the changes improve it.


I thought that I noticed something different, but it had been so long since I watched church on ruby road I couldn’t pin it


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I remember the 60th opening very well for the funny zoom-in. I don’t really like or dislike it. It’s a strange choice to make it seem like there’s some bloke with a camera sitting in the time vortex, waiting for TARDISes to film, but also, that’s the nonsense I’m expecting from this show.

The change to that beautiful galaxy shot does feel a lot more ‘normal’ though. And overall with the other little changes I think it flows better.
Also it’s longer! Make those danged Who openings as long as you can. I don’t care. I will watch a one minute TARDIS flying sequence with every episode. I love that shit man.

And im just happy with new stuff for an opening. I just really like doctor who intros, and this is pretty much a new one with that little replaced part.