The Monk Trilogy

Just started rewatching this and wow that was a confused pre-title sequence, just wondering what y’alls thoughts are on this three-parter? I remember sort of enjoying them but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it


It’s definitely a trilogy of stories I need to revisit - as I do for much of Series 10. I remember enjoying it at the time but the details are a bit fuzzy. I think I was momentarily fooled by the fake regeneration too!


I really like it, but I do feel it gets weaker as it goes on

Extremis is a 10/10 for me, one of my favourite episodes of the show

Pyramid at the End of the World is an 8/10, it’s a really interesting and unique show of an alien invasion
Invasion through kindness is incredible, and I love that the resolutio of Oxygen has lasting effects through Extremis and is the reaso for the conclusion here

The Lie of the Land is interestig, but I feel it could’ve been fleshed out more (and if it were I think it’d b e a faveourite). The ending feels a little rushed as well, it gives me Ahkaten vibes in a bad way, but unlike Ahkaten the episode is actually worth watching outside of a 3 minute speech.


I think Extremis is a phenomenal episode—delightfully constructed and paced. One of those stories where the twist works incredibly well.

The other two episodes drop the ball for me—Pyramid is pretty bland whereas I thought Lie of the Land had so much potential. That dystopian vision of Earth it presents in its first act, with its alternate histories, is fascinating, but the episode drops that pretty quickly and I don’t enjoy where the rest of the story takes us. It’s a weak point in what is otherwise my favourite New Who series.


Yeah, I would have loved more of the dystopian Earth as I enjoy stories like that.


Pearl Mackie big finish boxset set during Lie of the Land?




I think Extremis is a strong epiosde, but I do like the weird ones. Sadly, the rest of the trilogy just goes down hill for me. Elements seem like a rehash of Martha’s (shudder) story from Last of the Time Lords. The Missy stuff is great, though. For me, it’s just a mess of a story that doesn’t really make sense, even though I understand what it’s trying to do.


I think I must have a backwards opinion because for the longest time Extremis was my least favourite of the trilogy :rofl: The middle episode is a bit whatever to me but The Lie of the Land really works for me - I like the dystopia, Pearl Mackie’s acting is fabulous, and her mum saving the day really gets me.

These days I do enjoy Extremis more because I understand it now - I am slow to understand complicated stories and often need a repeat or two for it all to click, and Extremis has definitely become better to me on rewatch


the monk trilogy as a whole is one of my favourite stories of the entire show.

extremis uses a metaphysically interesting premise to explore the character of the doctor, the character of missy, and provide for a very, very fun romp, one of the stories i just put on for comfort

the pyramid at the end of the world explores how authoritarian regimes come to power, with the monks using tragedy in order to take over the world. high-stakes, well-paced political thriller. in a sense, it acts as a subtle character-piece for bill, really giving her character warranted depth.

the lie of the land explores how authoritarians retain power, cleverly referencing extremis’ depiction of an entirely manufactured reality in order to show how autocrats bend truth and manipulate narratives in order to stay in power. essentially, doctor who’s 1984.


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I enjoyed it. Extremis I liked particullary, when I first saw it half way through I had no idea where it was going. Usually you can predict what the story will be what going to happen, with this I was hooked - as the Doctor was reading the veritas? Bill and Nardo, were off wondering and I thought I reallly don’t know whats going to happen.


I’m always surprised how much I enjoy this one… there’s stuff that doesn’t work but overall I find it really engaging.

Spoiler comments

In a world now where there is a big press release and a trailer for the new Doctor, I really don’t think they can ever do a fake-out regeneration again. I was definitely not fooled and I was quite annoyed at the time because it felt like a (bad) rehash of the excellent fake regen we got with 10.

I loved these three stories but Extremis was the best, Pyramid was great and then it was all a bit let down by Lie of the Land, although I loved the 1984 vibe.


Honestly, such a strange Trilogy. I really enjoyed Extremis and think it’s another stellar Episode for this Series. The other two are mixed bag, some excellent ideas, wonderful performances but especially the third one kinda falls apart with some much going on. Overall, a really cool Idea with some poor execution that makes it a fairly mixed bag for me