The Master's most sensible plans

Given the way the other thread about the Master’s plans is going, I just feel I have to ask: what was the Master’s most sensible plan?

That is, what plans did he have that weren’t daft, and actually stood a reasonable chance of working? Or, given I’m drawing a blank, were all his plans rather silly in the end?


You know, the more I think about it, Survival might’ve actually been one of the Master’s more sensible plans in that his plan was that since he couldn’t escape, he’d draw the Doctor in, the Doctor would be able to figure out a way to escape, since he always does, and he’d use that.

Worked, too…


I guess the TV movie could count as both daft and sensible.
The Master anticipated the outcome of his trial on Gallifrey and made a contingency plan to steal the Doctor’s remaining regenerations post-execution, that’s kinda sensible… It almost worked as well (if it wasn’t for those meddlesome kids)


I think his plan in Frontier in Space is pretty sound and actually working quite well. He even manages to get the Doctor sent to the Moon.


Using the Chameleon Arch to escape the Time War. I would say that that’s his most sensible plan because it actually worked.


Honestly thinking about it, everything the Saxon Master does kinda works

He escapes in Utopia, his plan in Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords to take over earth works perfectly, even his death spites The Doctor and doesn’t actually cause his death because he had a contingency in place for it, and then End of Time once again he does take over earth entirely.

Sure they fail in the end, but most of it is due to unforeseen circumstances he couldn’t’ve predicted, or him going off plan a bit.