The Master Trilogy

In 2016, Big Finish released a trilogy of stories featuring three Doctors and two Masters:

I’ve just finished listening to these and I’ll admit to being a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.

The first and last stories were hugely convoluted and confusing, with both of them jumping backwards and forwards in time with very little to help the listener work out what was going on (and some things I would argue working against allowing the listener to fathom it out).

The second story has some weird callbacks to The Sea Devils which seem to be there for no reason other than ‘fanwank’.

The last story hinges on the revelation that the two Masters have swapped bodies but there is not enough in the performances to make this clear and with the non-sequential story structure it’s almost impossible to work out which Master is in which body at any given moment.

Geoffrey Beevers and Alex MacQueen are marvellous and provided some genuinely laugh out loud moments but as stories these three really were disappointing. The only reason the second one was enjoyable was because it’s basically a bog standard Doctor Who but even then it’s far more ‘Third Doctory’ in its isolated island, missing scientists vibe so isn’t particularly inspiring.

Anyone else have thoughts on this trilogy - did I miss the point?


I’ve listened to it, but it’s been far too long to be able to answer your questions. I remember enjoying it, but that’s about it.


Good to know this trilogy had as much impact on the rest of the membership as it did on me… :grimacing:


Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll get there - I’m on about MR 190 now!


‘And You Will Obey Me’

An excellent title.

Wasted on such a poor release.

I would genuinely rather submerge myself in wallpaper paste than listen to it again.


But did you like it?



I very much enjoyed all three of these, they felt like they all did something very different from the norm for a Doctor Who story, with the result that the trilogy was a breath of fresh air for me. It’s also one of those trilogies that got better with each story, which is my favorite kind of progression with a trilogy!


In my opinion, Vampire of the Mind is the strongest of the three in that it’s the only one of the three where you can actually kind of tell something is off with the Master’s characterization. ‘And You Will Obey Me’ is kind of a convoluted mess and I remember ‘The Two Masters’ feeling like it should have been able to stand on its own two feet by virtue of the Master tagteaming with himself and that the inclusion of the Rocket Men was unecessary and kind of ruined it. Basically Two Masters suffered from the Spider-Man 3 issue of using too many villains.

I was very underwhelmed by the trilogy as a whole.