The Master on Audio

Back in the end of February, I posted this poll: Favourite Incarnation of the Master (In Performed Media). I’d like to talk about something similar, but not quite similar enough to be part of that poll. What incarnations of the Master work the best on audio? And which incarnations would you like to see more of?


Hands down it has to be Geoffrey Beevers ‘emaciated’ Master. His voice is just perfect for audio and I will never ever ever forget the thrill of hearing him reveal himself partway through Dust Breeding.

I do also enjoy Alex MacQueen’s take - deliciously camp.


Alex MacQueen is so good. His voice is so slimy and smooth at the same time. A used car salesman aspires to that voice.


I’ve yet to listen to any audios featuring Alex MacQueen - though I hear he’s good - so my pick would be Geoffrey Beevers. His voice suits the audio format well and brings shivers down my spine every time I hear it.


Obviously, there are the common incarnations right now (Jacobi, Beevers, Gomez, and more recently, Roberts). And, apart from Roberts who I just haven’t listened to enough of his stuff, all are excellent incarnations on audio. That said, it seems like these four have the monopoly right now.

I was fairly disappointed by Masterful, but would love to see John Simm be given more of a chance on audio. I’d love to see more Alex MacQueen, he gelled so well with both McCoy and McGann and I’d love to see him back. My Mom was watching a recent episode of Midsommer Murders and I just happened to be passing through and heard the voice before I saw the TV and was like, “Is that the Master?” And of course, it happened to be MacQueen.

I’d also like more stories with the Ainley Master and Delgado Master. Jon Culshaw has already proven he can do both rather well. (Delgado in the brilliant Terror of the Master audio novel that originally came Masterful’s deluxe edition, and Ainley in the TLV short trips.) I would love to see a Third Doctor boxset with the Third Doctor, Jo or Sarah, and Culshaw as the Delgado Master. I’d be fine with or without UNIT involved. I’d also love a Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Doctor boxset with the Ainley Master, particularly the Fifth or Sixth Doctors. There’s so much potential with these two incarnations especially that I’m little surprised that the nostalgia-driven, milk the whoniverse for every scrap they can, current leadership of Big Finish haven’t done more with these two. Anyway, those are my intial thoughts on the matter.


I have to be honest, The Master is not a favourite character of mine. Yes they are iconic but I just find their stories so samey. So I’ve never really sought them out specifically.

I’ve only really listened to Missy, because it was the New Who version and I love Gomez. She’s brilliant.

Also the multi master story in Ravenous was awesome.

But I will try to check out more masters when I can!


Master should be top of your list.

And one which is a bit spoilery but did come out over 20 years ago and lists the Master on its TARDIS Guide entry…